B.o.B. - Nothin On You Feat Bruno Mars

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Heard a lot bout this nigga

Heard a lot bout this nigga but never gave him a chance,boutta see wats up!
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B.o.B. is the shit!! you

B.o.B. is the shit!! you need to check out the "Who the Fuck is Bob" mixtape and the "Hi my name is Bob" mixtape both those are some of the best mixtapes ever. Kid Cudi, Wale, B.o.B., Chip tha Ripper...I really like the direction these and a few other new dudes are takin hip-hop, but B.o.B. is the best out the bunch. I hate to compare him to Andre 3000 cause he has his own style but he does sound a whole lot like 3 stacks. This is the NEW southern rap so yall northern Gucci haters give B.o.B. a chance and change your mind bout what "IS" southern rap
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real talk

Ever since I heard him & T.I. on "I'm Dat Nigga" I been fuckin wit B.o.B. He kinda like a mainstream 3 stacks to me & aint nothin wrong wit that. His flow is better than Cudi's, I dont listen Wale or Chip so I cant comment on either of them. But B.o.B is the truth no doubt...
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Man Wale's new album

Man Wale's new album Attention Deficit is pretty fuckin good, and I just started fuckin with Chip cause I liked that song from the upcoming Cleveland Show mixtape so I found his older mixtapes "Cant Stop Me" which I found on here and his older one "Money" was harder to find but there both real good, in my opinion that is, or Im just so burned out on "Trap Music" that anything NOT talkin bout cocaine is fire. But yea B.o.B. IS that next dude
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Cudi's cd was a MAJOR

Cudi's cd was a MAJOR disappointment. Expected way more from him. Hope B.o.B don't disappoint like he did. I doubt he will tho
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Yea Cudi's mixtapes were

Yea Cudi's mixtapes were alot better but I think he tried TO hard to make his album different from anything that was out already, and got carried away with the outerspace shit
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B.o.B. Vs. Bobby Ray

one of his favorite tapes for me is the B.o.B. Vs. Bobby Ray cd. some real sick songs on there you should check it
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True, that mixtape just came

True, that mixtape just came out a few months ago, the song "Fly Like Me" is my shit!! Hes got another song called "Ghost in the Machine" thats real good but its not really rap, I put together a cd with that one and some other songs that are new, and some old ones, but check it out if you want I upload shit here....http://thepiratebay.org/user/chop76
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gonna have to check that out

gonna have to check that out another night cause im gonna be cruisin to lupe's new shit today but ill check your upload 2moro or somethin
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BOB is the shit. Check out

BOB is the shit. Check out the BOB vs Bobby Ray Mixtape...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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Grand Hustle at it again

Cutthroat"Expect tha Unexpected" Yeah boy!I agree wit ole' boy "Im dat nigga" wit T.I from Who the fuck is B.O.B is ridin.Still beat it in the chevy to this day.He has another one of my favorites on there to "Fuck You",i believe he did a remix with Boosie.This particular song aint much of a headbanger,but its more laid back.Never heard of Bruno Mars ,but the boy got vocals.Gotta feeling B.O.B's new c.d is gonna be from the heart.More kool,calm,and collective.So you cant take that from shawty.
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can neva get enuf of B.O.B

can neva get enuf of B.O.B
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Got Something

First time listening to B.o.B, Grand Hustle you got one right here! Im going to do my research first before i go negative on him! (Hint Hint)
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no doubt

growth & development... b.o.b he on his grind that vs bobby ray on point if you havent heard!