Young Buck (DJ Khaled Diss)

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young buck is pathetic how u

young buck is pathetic how u gon diss a Dj cause he dont play ur shit and u know why he dont play your shit its not like khalid gon listen to this and start playn that g-unit shit in hes mixtapes and albums it is wut it is
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buck didnt go against camron,diddy or game...but hes got the DJ? really now buck, what are you thinkin?

what a dumb ass. g-unit

what a dumb ass. g-unit wants to be in their own little world, they have their own dj (whoo kidd) to rep their music. if he's not doing a good job, find someone else. khaled is repping the south, people who want beef with each other are excluded (no ludacris because of t.i.) and everything seems fine to me. young buck... shhhhh.

yall are the pathetic ones

be sure that hes in gunit before you go poppin off at the mouth he aint been in gunit for a minute now com on
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Buck is GARBAGE!!!!

This nigga Buck is pure-d-GARBAGE!! & has been since sumbody conviced him dat he could rap & put him in a booth!!! Give it up dude!! Oh yea, it sounds 2 me like he's downlow beggin Khaled 2 play his shit 2 try 2 help his studio-ass rap career."Nuthn Happens Till Sumthn Moves!"


ehh Young Buck's pretty good. So why's he dissing a Dj O.o? and if u ppl haven't notice he's leaving G-Unit.
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Man u guys Stupid

Buck aint leaving gunit no matter what u hear. You guys dont know shit buck is the last loyal rapper out there!!! GET EM BUCK
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is this shit good or

is this shit good or what? SOMEONE please tell me about it
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Don't Pay Attention

Haters. They don't listen to songs.This got a sick beat and buck got a good flow why you rushing to trash him?
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ok ok buck = good song= good but the point of the song is bullshit ..... khaled says WE THE BEST nuff said!
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Buck garbage??? WHAAT?? hahaha........buck go hard....just cuz ya'll cant relate to his shit dont make him garbage.... get wit it or get witout it whatever it is...get to gettn --------Jw$-------- OKCity 2 BAMA