Lil Wayne - Young Moula Baby


1. Lil Wayne Young Money Roster Intro
2. Lil Wayne, Drake, Kid Kid I Want Dis Forever
3. Drake, Lil Wayne, Kid Kid Stunt Hard
4. Lil Wayne, Kid Kid Bullshit
5. Lil Wayne, Kid Kid Gorilla
6. Kid Kid, Lil Wayne Real Shit
7. Lil Chuckee, Lil Wayne Too Clean
8. Lil Chuckee Ya Heard Me
9. Lil Twist, Lil Wayne Thatll Be Cool
10. Drake, Lil Wayne Ransom
11. Lil Wayne, Kid Kid Fuck A Nigga Thoughts
12. Tyga, Lil Wayne & Rich Boy Coconut Juice (Remix)
13. Lil Wayne, Mack Maine & T-Pain Got Money (Remix)
14. Jae Millz, Lil Wayne Holla At A Playa
15. Kid Kid, Mack Maine, Lil Wayne Talk To The Pillow
16. Bobby Valentino, Lil Wayne Smile
17. Lil Wayne, Kid Kid Dats My Nigga
18. Drake, Lil Wayne, Kid Kid I Can Take Your Girl
19. Drake, Lil Wayne Brand New
20. Lil Wayne Carter 4 Outro

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young moula baby


it still amazes how this dude got rich. He is fuckn wack as hell. He got good producers and a lucky ass break. Wish I could rob him

Another bangin Ass Request

Granted big ups mixfiend/torrent give credit where its do. so lil wayne nice he kind like fell off a lil bit but his shit be ji going when hes not on that T Payne shit still one of the best


hahah hatin ass not even really a weezy fan..just a fan of success and you're a haterrr haha you faggot

its almost like people go

its almost like people go out of their way to say how bad lil wayne is lol. like that nigga care what u think, and like i care either. if u hatin the game take the walk of shame cuz we'll never see ur picture on the wall of fame.

Weezy Baaaaby

This nigga fire, his lyrics are lyrical homicide, he murders the track! Big ups Wayne!


all this shit b old... i'm ready for some new wayne.. come on dude...

its funny how everyone

its funny how everyone thinks its wayne puttin out these mixtapes when its djs just doing different beats to his songs....yall are stupid as fuck for thinkin wayne puts all these out

I promise, if you a hater,

I promise, if you a hater, you have a serious mental disorder and I suggest you get some counseling. I lot of times you guys aren't even aware of the fact that you're hating. I mean seriously, the way YOU feel about YOUR favorite artists is exactly the way WE feel about Wayne since we're Wayne fans and you like whoever you like. But the difference between us and you is we don't hate on your favorite artists. Real individuals respect your choice. Bitches and busters think otherwise. That being said, this is a nice mixtape. Kid Kid is a muthafuckin monster. I'm glad he came back.

I dunno but every since the

I dunno but every since the Dedication 2 came out all of Waynes songs sound th same to me. I guess he found his bread and butter in what most people will accept as a dscent sone which isn't very much. Don't get me wrong because I use to be a Wayne fan to the heart but lately I'm like whatever about his music. If you're a fan of his thats all each his own. The thing that erks me is just because someone isn't a fan of Wayne or not really feeling a song of his people wanna call them a hater. The last time I checked people have a right to their own opinion. I'd rather have a mind of my own listen to a wider variety of music than just jump on somebodies bang wagon just to fit in with everybody else. Does Wayne has some hot songs? Yeah he does, but lets not be in denial and say that he hasn't mad some wack shit. I mean waht artist hasn't. And for you to say that Wayne fans don't hate on other artist is straight up bullshit. I could go to any of these mixtapes on this site and find a Weezy fan hating on an artists mixtape that Lil Wayne isn't even on.

The realest non-lil wayne

The realest non-lil wayne fan i've heard on the site ever..... dig, brah

My comment applies to all

My comment applies to all haters. Even Wayne lovers who HATE on others. And the reason the Dedications and Droughts went so hard is because Wayne was superhungery. We probably won't see him do anything else like that again. I been listening to dude since the first Big Tymers album around 1998. It's time for him to rap/sing about something other than crack, bling bling, and violence. I download a lot of music and I just don't see this much hate thrown at anybody else. But then if it wasn't for haters, Wayne probably wouldn't be where he's at right now. Anybody notice dude ain't re-reciting on this one? I guess he found something else to prove. And that's why I'm a fan. Regardless of whether you all think a song is garbage or not, at least he's willing to put it out. All of the greats of the past have something in common...they put out an enormous amount of music and not all of it was great either (2pac,stevie wonder, james brown, mary j blige). I guess it's the law of average kicking in. Bottom line.

You're not a stupid hater.

You're not a stupid hater. I'm talking about them stupid haters. They don't really hate Wayne. They probably just hate the fact that their favorite rapper ain't in Wayne's spot. Or maybe they were picked on by the popular kids at school and decided to root for the underdog. I don't know, but to HATE on ANYBODY is just stupid. You ain't gotta like em. You ain't gotta listen to em. And these real haters probably got more Wayne on their computers than me. How else would they know if he's garbage or if he's falling off?

lil chuckie is the shit ta

lil chuckie is the shit ta be 12...he betta that most rappers in there 30s lol

2 bad lil wayne writes his

2 bad lil wayne writes his lines