Chamillionaire - Badazz Slow Mixes


01 Hometown Feat Big Krit (Arshizzle & Prabh Mix)
02 Be The One Feat Chamillionaire, Trey Songz & Young Jeezy (Dj Sick Blunt Mix)
03 We All Done Feat Chamillionaire & Rick Ross, Lil Wayne (Dj Arshizzle Mix)
04 Sure Thing Feat. Chamillionaire & Z-Ro (Dj Arshizzle Mix)
05 Pot Of Gold Feat. Chamillionaire & Chris Brown
06 Swim Good Feat. Chamillionaire & Ugk (Jd & Ayers Mix)
07 Personal Trainer Feat. Chamillionaire & Twista
08 I Hate You Feat Chamillionaire
09 Honey Feat Chamillionaire
10 Panamera Girl
11 Acura Integurl
12 Motivation Feat Chamillionaire
13 Trouble Feat. Chamillionaire & J Cole ( Prabh Mix)
14 Thanks Outro
15 Hometown (Dj Sick Blunt Bonus)

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Still doing it. This should be on top instead of Weezy. His new album is what y'all should be waitin' on. TX STAND UP!!!!

1st track

1st track on this one is better then the whole lil wayne mixtape, since droppin universal cham is def back

I miss chamillionaire Im

I miss chamillionaire Im glad he came out with this its pretty good

check out major pain 1.5

check out major pain 1.5 goes ham too.