Chamillionaire - Hangin Wit Mr Koopa (2CD)


2nd disc is chopped & screwed

1. (00:00:21) Chamillionaire - Intro
2. (00:02:24) Chamillionaire - Class In Session (Exclusive)
3. (00:01:47) Chamillionaire - Dot.Com (Exclusive)
4. (00:02:08) Chamillionaire Ft. Charlie Boy - Everybody Knows My Name (Exclusive)
5. (00:02:57) Sway Ft. Chamillionaire - Up Your Speed (Remix)
6. (00:00:24) Chamillionaire - Stop The Press
7. (00:03:05) Chamillionaire - Willing To Try (Exclusive)
8. (00:05:32) Chamillionaire Ft. Charlie Boy & Ludacris - Creepin' (Tosin Remix)
9. (00:03:41) Chamillionaire Ft. Dj Screw (Rip) & Big Moe (Rip) - Its Goin' Down (Tosin Remix)
10. (00:06:06) Rapid Ric, Chalie Boy, Bavu Blakes, Chamillionaire, Kyle Lee, & Gerald G - Call Me (Tosin Remix)( Exclusive)
11. (00:00:15) Chamillionaire - Money Count
12. (00:04:21) 6Tregangsta & Trae Tha Truth - On A Roll
13. (00:03:50) Gerald G - How I Was Raised
14. (00:04:23) Chamillionaire & Devin The Dude - Hangin' Wit' Mr. Koopa
15. (00:00:16) Chalie Boy - Maaaaaaaaaaaane
16. (00:03:39) Chalie Boy - I Look Good (Exclusive)
17. (00:02:15) Bun B - Got Work
18. (00:03:00) Chamillionaire - In My World (Exclusive)
19. (00:02:47) Chamillionaire - Used To It (Exclusive)
20. (00:00:58) Chamillionaire - Outro
21. (00:05:21) Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah 6 Preview (Bonus)

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fuck y'all

im first dub bitches

is this official?

is this official?

Yea it's official, not

Yea it's official, not really feelin' it but it's official...

cham is da weakest eva, i got sick & almost died

please cham go play wit a gospel choir. yo u need 2 retire, i listn 2 this tape got sick & almost died. i really wish he cheks out this site bcause hes been lied 2. yo u r whack. i would love 2 give cham bak hand smack & tell him get da fuk outahere! u suck


damn i think he might get ur message if he stops counting his money and by the way who sold more you or him oh ok u get the fuck outa here u suck

shut up

dude you are an idiot. we dont care if you like chamillionaire or not. all i wanna know is if this is a good tape. and im pretty sure he would destroy you. just shut up. and i really dont think he cares what you would say or try and do.


brooklan wrote:
please cham go play wit a gospel choir. yo u need 2 retire, i listn 2 this tape got sick & almost died. i really wish he cheks out this site bcause hes been lied 2. yo u r whack. i would love 2 give cham bak hand smack & tell him get da fuk outahere! u suck
shoooooklan! you should listen to it over and over until you do die!!!

Im co-signing this! Y-Town

Im co-signing this! Y-Town stand up. we gettin that arab money.

this is why cham made the

this is why cham made the internet nerd i bet this guys a big gucci man fan lmfao


yblaque-inc wrote:
this is why cham made the internet nerd i bet this guys a big gucci man fan lmfao
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i like koop but gucci cold

i like koop but gucci cold too

well we found him

looks like we found the internet nerd cham been talkin bout!!!!!!!!!


My son loved dude on Ridin' Dirty, he's 6. Other than that dude sucks and this mixtape is garbage. Not worth the download.

I'm a big fan of cham, but I

I'm a big fan of cham, but I admit I'm a lil worried about how the album will sound and this tape really is trash.. I don't see MMVI being any better either honestly.. iunno what cham's doing





fuck you

fuck you


is this shit going hard before i get it yall

Why I Like Chamillionaire -

Why I Like Chamillionaire - Ive been listening to rap for almost the past 15 years of my life, ever since a young teenager, and seen how rap has changed, in todays world, lets face it really, everybody knows its about fucken bitches hoes counting money and drugs, boring shit. I wont deny it though, i love jeezy's punch lines and metaphors and akon's hooks, but nothing beats quality music that chamillionaire has always put out. I've bumped his last 4 mixtapes than i have ANY album ever since i began listening to rap - besides tupac and biggie but thats another story. Nothing gets past quality music and i do understand why young kids these days dont like him, chamillionaire doesnt swear, chamillionaire is boring, chamillionaire doesnt have anything to say. I really dont understand that perspective because chamillionaire is the best lyrical artist out there and is my artist of 2008 and wouldnt be suprised at all if he was my artist of 2009, and ill admit i havent been a fan since 1998, only a fan since 2007. Seriously to all the haters get off his dick, if you hate him you hate him let it go, but whats the point of bad mouthing him because the fans that love chamillionaire have a differnt, unique reason, to love chamillionaire

To the people who say that

To the people who say that this mixtape is garbage, you could think that because Cham didn’t put this mixtape together himself like he does the Mixtape Messiah serious. Tosin (The DJ) hit Cham up and asked him to send him some freestyles so that he could put a mixtape together. So when Tosin got the tracks he put it together and put it this out. I am a Cham fan he has had better mixtapes than this, but it’s far from being garbage. This conversation is almost funny to me cause earlier today I received a message from Cham on his mobile fan club line, (832) 514-4730, he was talken this very thing.

I used to bump Cham but now

I used to bump Cham but now all he does is throw in undercover disses it is the same shit over and over and I'm bored seems since he got dropped from Universal all he wants to do is diss people to try and boost his career cmon Cham needs to step it up.

Dumb ass he hasn't been

Dumb ass he hasn't been dropped from Universal, at least not yet.. and can you really blame him for tryna change? Nigga dropped Ultimate Victory which was CRAZY hott and sells didn't do too well sooo...

..Get out and support his

..Get out and support his album or shut da fuck up complaining for real...

Ultimate Victory

Ultimate Victory was amazing, top to bottom. Im not so sure that Cham's 'changed' at all because of the sales not doing aswell as they shouldve tho... I think hes just evolving like any good artist. For example, F***in with Cars ft Chalie Boy on off MM5... if you cant broaden your taste paste gangsta hooks & drug talk then you dont even DESERVE to understand why that song is so genious... without having some hot catchy hook & beat

chamilli is sik on da mic

chamilli is sik on da mic but im startin 2 think he uses 2 much punchlines he needs 2 make sum more decent songs wit sum story or sumtn coz his punch style is startin 2 bore

yall just bitches

damn if u dont like the tape than say its garbage er sum bull. dont come on this shit n talk about my nigga cham. hes not no sellout mainstream fake bitch. he talks the truth and raps how hiphop should be...tellin stories! i bet he loves u niggaz cumin on here talkin trash cuz u no he'll eat ur ass up. ~jets nigga

Da beats is trash but Cham Still Comin Hard

Cham comin hard as usual. If only he could get some decent beats to go off on. All these beats is trash

'internet nerds' make me laugh

Cham is one of the best rappers going. He has been since he started. PEROID. Whether YOU choose to like him or not, will not change the millions of us that LOVE his shit. Dont you have anything better to do with your time?! I wonder if these people spend as much time downloading & listening stuff by artists they like?! I mean, SERIOUSLY... if you got all this bad shit to say about Cham, then what the fuck did you download his shit? BEAT IT!

This mixtape was okay nothin

This mixtape was okay nothin to compare teh mm series but it was okay only liked a few songs on it.


shit aint garbage but it aint the usual shit that go hardddddddd but its bumpable...... WAITIN ON THAT MM6 SHIT THO THAT GONNA BE FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEE CHAMILLITARY MAYNE

Fuck Haters

Cham is the fuckin mixtape god so you bitches need to stop hatin. Fuckers.