Chamillionaire - Badazz Freemixes 2


Previously: Chamillionaire - Badazz Freemixes

01 - Bring The Chalk In Freemix
02 - Ballin Freemix Feat Lil Wayne
03 - Silence Feat Wiz Khalifa
04 - All Black Everything
05 - Haters Freemix
06 - Goin Steady
07 - John Feat Rick Ross
08 - Countdown Freemix
09 - Racks On Racks Freemix Feat Da Brat Twista

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Downloading cuz Chamillionare fucks shit up.
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Freemixes 1 was throwed

I expect the same from 2, MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC! reppin for TX


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Taken things back over this year. That Playlist Poison is going to make people think twice about what they are listening to these days.
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Koopa never disappoint me..

Koopa never disappoint me.. Yall better listen to this shit.
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Wow.. I guess its Texas

Wow.. I guess its Texas turn.. I see Mike Jones didn't set Texas back too far.

Auto d/l now we just need a

Auto d/l now we just need a Bun B mixtape & we set