Charles Hamilton - Intervention (Presented By DJ Skee)

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01 Weirdo
02 Verbal Vicodin
03 Tinkerbelle
04 C Food
05 Jeezy Hamilton
06 Free Incoming
07 Honesty Box
08 Chivalry
09 Delivery Or Digiorno's
10 11_59 Pm (Pretty Memories)
11 Charlie's Angels
12 Jesus For A Day W_ Macy Gray
14 Bruce Almighty (Moon Outta The Sky)
14 Supernatural Vacation
15 Desperate Tears Of Certainty

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we get it


firstttttttt. yo gay gay

firstttttttt. yo gay gay jemina if u are about to post on this mixtape tell ur mother to close her legs i can see her nut sack

Yo whys ur crew on the

Yo whys ur crew on the cover?
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I laughed. Oh, and this dude is severely underrated. Word of warning for the new listeners: download his tapes starting from Crash Landed. Trust. "That's Gary, Indiana for you slow pokes."

Mos Def

His creative style and ill lyrics officially make him my FAV artist right now. i have all his music and not one of his tapes have i called trash. charles on the come up -Yung TRiXX-

dude is sick... different,

dude is sick... different, but sick. his beats (or skee's beats) are nasty.. i agree with dude when he said download crash landed first, that and outside looking are are where its at.


If you like this you're gonna love this. Trust.

Ima take yall word for it,

Ima take yall word for it, Im downloading crash landed , be back with my opinion.