Charles Hamilton - Staff Development


1. (00:05:26) Charles Hamilton - Intro/Jet Blue
2. (00:03:24) Charles Hamilton - Rock The Joint
3. (00:04:18) Charles Hamilton - High
4. (00:04:04) Charles Hamilton - The Life
5. (00:04:43) Charles Hamilton - Air Conditioner
6. (00:02:50) Charles Hamilton - Brief Intermission
7. (00:04:57) Charles Hamilton - Anti-Bullying Zone
8. (00:04:23) Charles Hamilton - Brazilian Crying Season
9. (00:04:19) Charles Hamilton - Ronald McDonald
10. (00:04:33) Charles Hamilton - Party Of Five
11. (00:03:24) Charles Hamilton - Alone
12. (00:04:44) Charles Hamilton - The Butterfly Effect
13. (00:03:49) Charles Hamilton - Float On
14. (00:03:21) Charles Hamilton - Ralph Lauren
15. (00:05:11) Charles Hamilton - Nah Dead Ass
16. (00:04:57) Charles Hamilton - Mt. Rushmore

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CHARLES HAMILTON AKA THE HEDGEHOG I Knw This Joint Gon Be Hawt as a Mofo Charles been Puttin hard work latelly he Tight. APHILLIATES/SSR/CUB/DBO/AMG/L.A.D/W.T.K/BHD
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Charles Hamilton

Very solid tape. Good variety. Skee's production is always A+ also. If you haven't seen the cipher yet...(charles, the game, kanye) .... youtube it... it's dope.

This right thurr is official

This right thurr is official as fuck! PffffP na bean?

Shakin in Ther Corner With The Simpson Eyes

somedy got a nice pair of mauris for sale ?
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dayyyuummm wrote:
somedy got a nice pair of mauris for sale ?
i got a pair of the black & white croc's, the nappa casual ones, i only wore them 2 times, they new as if you bought them new, i paid $400 for them, would sell them for $250, let me know if you interested cuz, i got paypal and eBay so we can do it legit feel me. i also got a hot "jude melange" Armani suit that goes wit them PERFECT, would hook you up wit a deal for both, same thing only wore it a few times, its a cheap one, hit me up!

Dammit, I got a track coming

Dammit, I got a track coming on my new tape called "The Butterfly Effect" too! Either folks got my studio tapped, or I'm right on the edge of greatness. LMAO
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C.O. Muthaphuckin B.

C.O. Muthaphuckin B. HoE Consistent muthafucka....

Looking at that cover makes

Looking at that cover makes me wanna play Sonic the Hedgehog