Charles Hamilton - The Where Is Ch Process


01 - Charles Hamilton
02 - Rehab
03 - Pink The Light Of Life
04 - Remembering Changes
05 - Water Star
06 - Freshman Party
07 - Danger
08 - Pretty In Pink
09 - Open Hart Bitch
10 - Balance

whereischprocess.torrent36.03 KB

DJ Smoke-A-Lot's picture

Its Charles Hamilton.

I'm Beginning to like this dude again, listen to track my favorite "Remembering Changes", he really bringing it back to his pink lavalamp & the L word mixtapes again. keep it up. fuck the negativity. 5/5

A dope mixtape

whether you like it or not, charles is back on his bs after a slew of crappy mixtapes
THEE_GINN's picture


Was getting worried for a second there, his last set of mixtapes weren't very good, a little weird also. But looks like he is starting to get back to his old craft.
3rdBornTxRaised's picture

charles hamilton always had

charles hamilton always had talent. he just needs to take his time to put out music. just relax and it'll come to u charles. i know he's been going thru a lot with everything that's happened to him in the media. ima check this tape out tho.


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Nice Tape...

... I still like somethin about this dude
ngibo's picture


Dont know about this dude ive listened to a good few of his tapes but even his supposed good tapes never quite done it for me. Charles has a nice flow at times but dont think for the time he been in the game he is ever gonna make it to the next level. Tape for me is average at best. FIX UP LOOK SHARP!