DJ Skee & Charles Hamilton - Death Of The Mixtape Rapper

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1. (00:04:45) Charles Hamilton - Stay On Your Level
2. (00:03:56) Charles Hamilton - Harlem
3. (00:04:11) Charles Hamilton - Just A Musician
4. (00:03:48) Charles Hamilton - How
5. (00:04:03) Charles Hamilton - Presidential Pondering (Ft. Fedel)
6. (00:02:44) Charles Hamilton - Twitter 16
7. (00:03:51) Charles Hamilton - Windows Media Player
8. (00:03:42) Charles Hamilton - Down
9. (00:05:09) Charles Hamilton - Mixtape Vents
10. (00:04:36) Charles Hamilton - Butcherman (Ft. Yung Nate)
11. (00:04:00) Charles Hamilton - Musicsuicide
12. (00:03:31) Charles Hamilton - Saving Grace
13. (00:05:22) Charles Hamilton - Supersonic's First Freestyle
14. (00:03:59) Charles Hamilton - Forever Again
15. (00:06:12) Charles Hamilton - Do What You Love

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Thumbs up.

Offishal mixtape & all new tracks.


Not only is dude slept on, but he produces his own shit and plays instruments, piano etc. One talented mo-fo.

and thats exaclty what

and thats exaclty what hiphop needs cause dudes cant do anything their self these days,ima go chek this shit out...

WEAK. corny backpack shit

WEAK. corny backpack shit


someone's ignorant as fuck. this dude is so slept on because of people like you. you probably hopped all over the "free gucci" bandwagon or you're all about gettin' em for the L-O or maybe you make a fucking fool outta yourself crankin' it with your soulja girl. educate yourself my dude. this IS hip hop. he's an innovator; producing his own shit, writing his own shit, consistently promoting exclusive shit. on the real this dude puts literally three fourths of the game in a choke hold but because of people like you, he won't get the recognition that he deserves. all these commercial, money, cars, clothes rappers are talkin' about hustlin' these days but one look into the life of this guy is the definition of a real hustler.
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It's aiight but i dozed off listening after a while.. It's worth a listen (don't bump this in your car or you'll get told to turn that bullshit off or down, especially by me,.)