Chaundon - Black Dynamite's Revenge


01 Broken Heart
02 Girls Girls Girls
03 Want Me Back
04 Single Ladies
05 Distance
06 Name Droppin
07 Truthfully Speaking
08 Lucifer
09 Everybodys Hungry
10 You Aint Got Nothing
11 Who Shot Ya
12 24 Hours to Live
13 Fear
14 Trust
15 Crazy
16 Co-Star

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Smooth mixtape!!! Especially when u weeeded up!!!

My girl loved it too!!!!
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8/10 cause Im really feelin

8/10 cause Im really feelin this one, only song 4 and 9(altho funny) had to be skipped. I downloaded cause I be on that Foxy Brown(the real one,Pam Greer), Dolomite, Willie Hutch pimp gangsta type shit like the cover is made after, but check this dude out cause shits fire! 10% of what I download makes it on my Zune but this is in that 10% type shit!!!! Im goin to burn a few copies and "word of mouth" this dude