Chris Webby - Webster's Laboratory


01 - Websters Laboratory (Intro) (Prod By Arkutec)
02 - Contradictory To Grown Ups
03 - Right From Wrong
04 - Block To The Burbs Feat Freeway (Prod By The Astronauts)
05 - Websters Revenge
06 - Temper Temper (Prod By Sjay)
07 - Sunny Afternoon (Prod By Atg)
08 - Monster Feat Apathy (Prod By Dj Semi)
09 - Roger That Feat D Lector
10 - The Way (Prod By Dj Semi)
11 - Killin Em
12 - The Joker Feat Kinetics (Prod By One Love)
13 - Just Cant Kill The Beast
14 - Wdgaf Feat Gorilla Zoe (Prod By Aaron Lacrate)
15 - Hard Road
16 - Success (Prod By Dj Semi)
17 - Bonus Track - Axe Murder

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This ones pretty decent. I

This ones pretty decent. I thought Best In The Burbs was better. Webby has decent story telling tracks and good word play but Machine Gun Kelly murders him as a spitter. Webby's problem is all his story telling tracks are about the same thing. Goin to jail after catching a felony and turning his life around and aiming for success. Good feel good vibe though that the youngins are bringin. I like it for something new. Its not raw but its a nice change for a minute. Plus its good to see young people havin fun with the music. They won't be remembered as part of the G.O.A.T.s though that's for sure... Here's a couple nice tracks... Tech N9ne- Eminem-
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d wEEZY 1 wrote:
Webby has decent story telling tracks and good word play but Machine Gun Kelly murders him as a spitter.
Do they beef with each other?
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None of these kids really seem to beef at all. Just sayin MGK can spit way harder than Webby. Webby has good metaphor though. Machine Gun Kelly is just more raw and a lot harder. His last tape, Lace Up, was good shit...
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another new Em and Royce track...
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and yet another Em and Royce ya ft Bruno Mars...
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I see they invented new

I see they invented new flavors for my Dday Milk in the cover.

Dexter's Lab go hawd!

I watch them crazy cartoonz with my 5yr old son all the time HaHa..
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The Eagles

That "Hotel California" sample on "Just Can't Kill the Beast" is killin' it, may have judged Webby to quickly before. Pretty Good Tape.
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This guy has crazy ninja turtle flow!

This mixtape is str8 dope, fun material, good beats, fast flows you can still understand, crazy rmx of classic songs, I can't believe this is the first of Chris Webby I have heard, wont be the last. (4/5 stars)