Tha Joker - Why So Serious? (Hosted By DJ Scream & DJ Swamp Izzo)

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1. (00:00:58) Tha Joker - Intro
2. (00:03:27) Tha Joker - Why So Serious? [Prod. By Big Fruit & Too Trill]
3. (00:02:55) Tha Joker - Birds [Prod. By Big Fruit]
4. (00:02:56) Tha Joker - Michael Jordan [Prod. By Protocal]
5. (00:02:51) Tha Joker - Kited [Prod. By Big Fruit]
6. (00:04:12) Tha Joker - Hair Cut & Fresh Tee [Prod. By Big Fruit]
7. (00:02:57) Tha Joker - Tony Montana [Prod. By Too Trill]
8. (00:02:57) Tha Joker Feat. Travis Porter - Down [Prod. By Big Fruit]
9. (00:03:03) Tha Joker - We Do It For Fun Part 7 [Prod. By Big Fruit]
10. (00:04:11) Tha Joker Feat. Big Fruit - Marathon [Prod. By Big Fruit]
11. (00:02:29) Tha Joker - Pot Head [Prod. By Protocal]
12. (00:04:08) Tha Joker - Droid [Prod. By Big Fruit]
13. (00:04:05) Tha Joker Feat. Big Fruit - Backseat [Prod. By Big Fruit]
14. (00:03:50) Tha Joker Feat. Lil Mal - Recognition (Girlfriend Friend) (Bonus Track)

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swoopston180's picture

Hope he's good

I aint never heard Joker, but locally everyone treats him like a prodigy. I don't know if this mixtape is like his other songs but they tend to be more along the humourous side.
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Joker 2 Cold

Bout fuckin time this came out


Automatic down load, Joker goes hard.

what up jacktown in this

what up jacktown in this bitch joker to cold is the shit and cant forget bout lil cous lil mal better get ready world cause they coming and they taking no prisoner only 4 family bitch holla


Another up and comin Mississippi artist is Deuce Mayne. Check him out on you tube, just search deuce mayne, strait fire.
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Should i dip it

Should i dip it mane????????????
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Joker be going in on this cd I downloaded this a while ago download it fire.