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Funk Flex Hot 97 Street Jams & Foxy Browns Platinum Party Live ATL


DJ Mars ( unleashes 2 more classics for your listening enjoyment:

Todays blast digs deeper into the different levels of the mixtape movement. To
further explain it all I posted 2 tapes(FUNKMASTER FLEX LIVE ON HOT 97 and FOXY

Red Alert is probably the most recorded and dubbed radio dj in the history of
radio,that's undeniable. But in the 90's Flex was coming in on a close second.
Every kid from the AUC who went home for any type of vacation,made it his or her
business to tape FUNK FLEX on HOT 97. Dubbed copies of radio shows were actually
as coveted as your favorite mixtape. Especially for the kids in the tri-state
area. Once again Flex goes in on some 90's shit,during the 90's.

Part 2 of this double disc dub is FOXY BROWNS PLATINUM PARTY@ATLANTA LIVE(circa
1997). On the wheels of course its me,DJ TRAUMA, and J NICE. At the end of her
set NAS comes out on stage and rips through a few FIRM joints. Yeah yall,a
classic party at one of Atlantas classic night clubs. If you listen closely,the
party is hosted by CHAKA ZULU(DTP). Peep the tape and enjoy.

DJ Triple Exe - Retro Gold


Kid Capri - Old School Pt 2 (1991)


DJ Mars:

Well since its monday you already know its time for another classic download.
This week I had to take it back to my all time favorite mixtapes " Kid Capri Old
School part 2". I can honestly say I learned how to rock parties based on this
tape. Having dropped in 1991,this was probably his most memorable tape to date.
I've heard a million old school tapes,but none of them sounded like this. OS
pt.2 had all the elements(mic game,skills,and dope records). After properly
studying this tape you could put together a dope old school set,that's if you
studied. I owe a portion of my career to this tape,real talk. Do yourself a
favor and do the knowledge to the greatest dj in the world....KIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDD

DJ Hitz - Old School At Noon

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Ty Boogie - 80s Boom Box Music

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Kool DJ Red Alert - Radio Mix 98.7 KISS FM (Circa 1987)


DJ Mars tells it best:

And now for the moment you all have been waiting for. This weeks download comes
from the most influential dj in hip hop history...KOOL DJ RED ALERT. You may be
asking youself what does Red Alert have to do with mixtapes. Well in the 80's
you weren't in the loop if you didn't have a tape of Red Alerts show from 98.7
kiss fm. I'm originally from Springfield Mass,and everyone in Springfield has a
cousin from New York. Dubbed copies of Red's show would end up in Springfield
two days after the actual live airing.

What made Red's show so dope? Why was he so important to Hip Hop radio? Maybe
because he supported some of the biggest names in Hip Hop(BOOGIE DOWN
Or maybe because he had more flavor than a pack of now and laters. You couldn't
front on Red's personality,his drops were dope and he had custom made songs that
ended up becoming underground classics(BAIT//ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S & THE TR 808 IS
COMING//BDP). All in all Red is to Hip Hop radio as Micheal Jordan is to
basketball. Argue with me if you want but no dj means more to hip hop radio the
KOOL DJ RED ALERT. Download now and thank me later.

Roskow & DJ Runex - Rap History 1983


Dwace Global - Now This Is A Tracklist


Clinton Sparks & DJ Rukiz - Shyne: If I Could Start From Scratch

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(This is a re-up)

Smashsquad representatives Clinton Sparks & DJ Rukiz bring you the
surprise sequel to one of the hottest mixtapes this summer, Life After The Club,
with this EXCLUSIVE mixtape from Smashsquad's finest DJs. This mixtape has the
interview nobody else has (NOT the Angie Martinez interview) in which Shyne speaks
on Diddy, 50, Suge Knight, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Foxy Brown & more. PLUS, you'll also
get a peek at The Godfather's new Def Jam album due out later this year.

NEW & EXCLUSIVE tracks from Shyne, including a C. Sparks remix called
"Brooklyn's Finest" w/ all-new verses from Biggie, Jay-Z, Shyne & Foxy Brown.
NEW disses on P. Diddy & 50 Cent & tracks w/ Foxy Brown, Grafh & Ashanti.
PLUS, all-new production from Roc-A-Fella's own Just Blaze & Kanye West.


DJ Rondevu - Napalm Pt 3

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