DJ Finesse - Platinum Old School Slow Jams 5

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1. Smokey Robinson-One Heartbeat
2. The Floaters-Float On
3. The Delfonics-La La La Means I Love You
4. Smokey Robinson-Quiet Storm (Single Version)
5. The Stylistics-You Make Me Feel Brand New
6. Norman Connors-You Are My Starship
7. The Stylistics-You Are Everything
8. Smokey Robinson-I've Made Love To You A Thousand Times
9. The Chi-Lites-Have You Seen Her
10. The Moments-Look At Me I'm In Love
11. The Stylistics-Betcha By Golly Wow
12. The Whispers-Lady
13. The Chilites-Ooh Girl
14. The Moments-With You
15. Eddie Hollman-Hey There Lonely Girl
16. The Manhattans-Theres No Me Without You
17. Smokey Robinson-Baby Come Close
18. Roberta Flack-The Closer I Get To You
19. The O'Jays-Cried Together
20. Smokey Robinson-Ooo Baby Baby

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No James Brown...... Larf
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aint 2 many

not alotta slow sensual J.B. songs out there.....u can fukk a bitch brains out to Im blakk and Im proud tho! SAY IT LOUD!!!
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I dontz like it slowz I wanna Slork a bitch up with some fast shit and make her tap out

dis is the shit!!!

dis is the shit!!!


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Been listening to this one

Been listening to this one for a year and a half. Timeless classics. Most of these songs are bout 15-20 years older than me but I didn't listen to rap for a year 'casue of this tape. Playas only. Having girl trouble? Let these old playas school you.