Cookin Soul, DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Woogie & Soulja Boy - Cookin Soulja Boy

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01 - Intro
02 - Label Me A Legend
03 - Aye Feat. Short Dawg (Young Money) & Lil B
04 - Big Faces Feat. Jeezy
05 - Woogie Skit
06 - So Fly
07 - Cold Summer Feat. Beenie Man
08 - A Message From Soulja
09 - This Is What You Become
10 - Trick Or Treat
11 - Nicky Minaj Skit
12 - Figure 4 Feat. Gucci Mane
13 - Woogie Skit 2
14 - Freestyle
15 - Supa Fresh
16 - Whoo Kid Skit
17 - Ready Or Not
18 - Pbs Interlude
19 - Pretty Boy Swag (Cookin Soul Remix)
20 - Outro

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mr young n sexy's picture


is this any good? lol why the fuk i am even asking its soulja boy
IHatePosers's picture

not really

but those cookin soul beats are some of the best ever! -hating thats what you do best-
__cheechnchong's picture

you may be right

cookin soul always CLUTCH... I will give it a listen... if its shit there is always the DELETE OPTION... @__cheechnchong


this here for mr southwest....bitch ass


not even guna take the time to download that shit. once i saw soulja boy i said fuuuuuuckk that.
robex's picture


Not the best I've heard but it's not an immediate delete. don't hate collaborate
robex's picture

then again

SB is kinda immature. Most of his lyrics are about gettin liad or actin hard, it's just not all that believable. But that Pretty Boy Swag is hot nohomo. don't hate collaborate