Big Mike, Supa Mario & Poobs - D-Block R&B 2

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01 - John legend feat Jadakiss - Heaven Only Knows (Remix)
02 - Styles P feat Jagged Edge - Do It Like That
03 - Jadakiss feat Styles P - games people play(remix)
04 - Johnta Austin feat Jadakiss - Turn It Up (Remix)
05 - Styles P feat Akon - All My Life
06 - Kon feat Styles P - Blown Away
07 - DJ Clue feat Styles P & Fabolous - Don't
Forget About Us
08 - Tearra Marie feat Jadakiss & Sheek Louch - make A Girl
Feel (remix)
09 - J hood feat Jadakiss & rashad - all Up On Me
10 - Styles P feat Rashad - Favorite Drug
11 - Sheek Louch feat Carl Thomas - One Name
12 - Jaheim feat Jadakiss - everytime I Think About Her
13 - Jaheim feat Styles P - Fiend
14 - Paris Hilton feat Jadakiss & Fat Joe - Fightin Over Me
15 - Mariah Carey feat Jadakiss & Styles P - We Belong
Together (Remix)
16 - Teedra moses feat Jadakiss - Worldwide
17 - Lemar feat Styles P - Can't Go On This Way
18 - Dusty Garcia feat Jadakiss - Reminisce
19 - Vivian Green feat Styles P - Wish We Could Go Back (Remix)
20 - Lj feat. Jadakiss - Liftin Me Up
21 - Trae feat Styles P - Smile
22 - Dwele feat. Styles P - I Think I Love Her (Remix)
23 - Styles P feat. Tre Williams - see what I See (Remix)

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paris hilton on a fucking mixtape? are you shitting me? i gotta hear this. i do love her homemade movies tho...

ole-bah ni-mi

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GO paris go paris go paris

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the paris hilton song is old

the paris hilton song is old as shit. and it sucks.

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this is what I dont get

this is what I dont get niggas say 50 is R&B what about THESE niggas? they have a whole fucking tape of them doing bullshit remixes over slow jams

and a song with PARIS HILTON? get the fuck outta here with this bullshit

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Wow this is fuckinn

Wow this is fuckinn waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack paris hilton on a mixtape what the fuck is wrong with d-block.

50 is one person. I aint

50 is one person. D-Block is more than one.

I aint against rappers doing remixes on slow jamz etc. i actually like alot of it, its just when they start to lose track of subject matter integrity and creativity, thats when they lose credibility. ie. 50 Cent

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HAHAHAHAHA and doing a song


and doing a song with Paris Hilton shows everyone your creativity and integrity

you MUST be fucking high.... 50 cent has NEVER done a bullshit colabo with Paris Hitlon

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yea every1s lookin way into

yea every1s lookin way into this 1 paris hilton song who gives a shit alot of rappers have done bullshit remixes so i cant discredit any1 from doin them

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its all money baby

they prolly got a piece of her ass then got paid ...wouldnt you do it ask urself ...........

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ahahhah werddddddddd

ahahhah werddddddddd

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wooow one20se7en chill..

What da fuck r u sayin, u serious?? U maybe not know the difference but D-Block are some of the realest niggas out..That what about THESE niggas!!! They've been doin it fo years both in the music industry + in the streets. You cant tell shit about them just fo that. And dude this 2 tapes are the only ones rnb tapes and u judjin by that! 50 been makin it like every month so chill son! What about the dope songs they fill the streets wit, u aint sayin shit bout that? dont be judjin from only this tape. I'm a diplomat from harlem but you know what it is, Real niggas recognize real..

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... D Block is still wack...

... D Block is still wack... Im not from New York, Ill never be from New York and I will never be down with that stupid ass Dinosaur call Jadakiss gives out

its just funny - everyone callin the Unit a bunch of RB thugs and then this tape comes out with some straight up WACK BULLSHIT

you know wat ur fuckin rite

you know wat ur fuckin rite these niggaz is garbbbbbgbbbbbbbaaaaa ggggeeeeee
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Where are they now???

Everyone was flaming the 50 R&B tape an this is 10x worst...LOL...Oh well I can remember when people hated on B.I.G. More money more hate.

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yea yea yea i hate da fact dat d-block did a track wit paris dats pretty lame but ne1 from d-block harder den ne1 from g-unit, n ti makin a track wit justin way worse den dblock doin a track wit paris. atleast paris has pussy n justin is pussy. plus its jada n jada been doin mariah carey trax n shit. nothin is worse den 50 makin fun of jarule 4 makin trax wit ashanti n 50 bringin in oliva n makin candy shop n doin da same shit he dissed jarule 4. any mixtape from dblock is hotter den any g-unit especially styles p n j-hood. dats y dis is called d-block rnb 2 let u know wats on it n when u hear 50 n da pointer sisters u know its mostly gon b sum pussy shit. plus alll dose dblock trax dissin gunit were sum of da hottest disses in years. d-block is strictly hot on da mixtape grind so u aint go c dem b popular like gunit or dipset. n every1 respect dblock not many respect gunit cept buck buck been all over south trax.

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Any mixtape from D-block is

Any mixtape from D-block is hotter than G-Unit radio shit... or Lloyd Banks series? or the Young Buck mixtapes? Nigga you must be on fucking on crack... I agree some d-block mixtapes are hot but not every mixtape is not better than G-Unit radio shit or stuff i mentioned above. Get off the fucking d-block cock please... dont be so damn biased towards one group, make a useful comment instead of hating on G-Unit every wack ass sentence that you type... learn some fucking english nigga that dont make you gangsta typing on tha internet like that. G-Unit just dosent make pop music like you think they do, just take Lloyd banks- mixtape artist of the year nigga. And you right, Buck is real hard he realer than jada for sure. Just dont forget about G-unit on the mixtape grind to homey, and get off that cock.

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y dont u get a pic of justin wit ti huggin dicksmoke. i bet u bump ti feat justin while u get ur eyebrows done faggot. face it man g-unit sux there not even popular commercially ne more da only 1 makin money is 50 n gunit suckin his dick cuz 50 given out money 2 all dem fairies. fuck ya ne dblock mixtape better den any gunit cept 4 dis rnb shit. i am speakin english jew y dont u feed ti grapes peasant n take ur nsyc cd out of da cd player n listen 2 real rap or stick wit bitch made niggaz n stop postin sissy comments. how can any gunit radio b good when half da cd u hear WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO KID n each cd is like 30-40 min long same wit banks.. buck has acuple good mixtapes but daz it. n u n da rest of u bitches dat keep teliin people 2 get of cocks r nuthin but sum faggots. if yall wanna talk bout guys on cocks u goto sum gay yahoo chatroom pussys!!

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Hell nah, i dont bump T.I.

Hell nah, i dont bump T.I. and justin timberlake, but i sure as hell woudnt bump paris hilton and d-block, T.I. is fucking dope bro just because he did that shit with justin dont mean that diminishes all of his cred, his album was fucking dope. Any dblock mixtapes arent better than G-Unit radio, u just a lame ass cocksucker and will chose D-block no matter how good you hear it. you just a mofuckin wanksta on the internet dont bother me, say what you want try to make your words look thug man u aint thug. i dont give two shits how much money G-unit makes or if there popular commercially , that shit makes no difference to me, the only thing i care about is the quality of the music, and i sure as hell know that all d-block mixtapes arent better than all of the g-unit mixtapes. internet thug, pussy ass nigga

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bitch ass hypocrite

u call dblock wack n shit 4 makin a paris hilton track but when ur nigga ti makes a gay ass nsync track talkin bout love ti still aint wack. nigga u aint nuthin but a bitch ass hypocrite man. naw nigga i wont always choose dblock i dont like any of there albums cept walk wit me n kiss the game goodbye but dey mixtapes is hot. u da 1 dat will always choose gunit n ti no matter wat. hell yea ti lost his cred makin trax wit nsync cuz he calls himself king n acts all hard n his lil anaorexic ass makes a love song wit justin. i can no longer take ti seriously when he acts hard he still can b good lyrically but ill jus laugh when dat nigga acts hard or trys 2 b gangsta. atleast dblock gettin sum multimillionaire dollar pussy n ti gettin multimillionaire dollar sasusge links. hoe ass nigga callin me internet thug nigga wat city u from ill show how much a internet thug i am pussy ill knock ur bitch ass out. i dont give a fuk i dont start shit i wass talkin bout music den u come talkin shit nigga ill knock ur ass out princess!! stop bein obsessed wit cocks u fruity bastard i told u yahoo got a chatroom 4 people like u!

You sound retarded.

You sound retarded.

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who da fuk iz u

who da fuk iz u no1 was talkin 2 u or askin 4 any opinions so dont talk unless spoken 2 trick. how da fuk does a retard sound n wat sound r u hearin stupidass aint no1 makin sound effects dumfuk.

You Sound even more retarded

You Sound even more retarded now. But i guessi gotta put it in words you can understand, you typed words that mde me think u a fucking stupid whn i read it now?

Noone asked u for your opinion either dumbfuck. And i dont give a fuck if anyone was talkin to me. Just pointing out that you sound fucking stupid. I'm sure alot of people would agree with me HAHAHAHAHA

n u know about dem yahoo chatrooms dont you.

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aight man

dis is a music site n every1 here talkin bout n dude was talkin bout music n u come wit sum stupid shit. if ur lonely n need some1 2 talk 2 go visit sum of dat yahoo aol or watever else chat shit there is n make sum friends. cuz so far we got 1 guy obbsessed wit cocks n u obsessed wit retards. r u a fukin english professor or sum shit im not gon write a proper term paper wit colons, commas, period, n all dat other grammer shit cuz sum foriegn chimp who im not even talkin 2 is tryin 2 conversate n cant read. dey got dem hotlines u can call if u wanna talk 2 some1 so holla at dem bitches aight man.n look at u u lonesome fuk tryin 2 have a debate or sumshit n make friends here. i sound stupid? i wasnt given opinions out 2 u so u da dipstick. nigga u aint gotta read my comments aint no1 askin u 2 n u b sayin sum nerdy shit 2 man. dont u got sum pokemon n harry potter shit 2 play wit. n dont u got class 2morrow poindexter.

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Dont forget "rap" is GLOBAL NOW

Its obvious how many people here come from the streets or at least have a mini relation wit the streets, i can tell u that!
I guess nowadays that rap music stopped beein so street, so gangsta, niggas like 50, banks and yayo can earn their livin wit this kind of rnb rappin!
In fact they invented a whole knew kind of rap music the "RnB Wanksta shit"! You know niggas that pretend to be gangstas throw their rnb tracks! And tryin to make their rhymes and music sound REAL, gaining fans all over the world this way!! And whoeva steps up here sayin that G-unit are a bunch of REAL GANGSTAS AND HUSTLAS is kinda dickridin fo sure + he aint got no real relation wit the streets!!!

So dont try to call G-Unit shit some street shit, cause niggas in the hood(all over the states) laughin wit this mofuckas every time! And dis no joke!! But i guess its ok cause rap now is global few people have a serios relation wit the streets. Few people understand how this streets work! People not comin from the hood listen this G-unit niggas and relate to them, I CANT SHOW YOU A SIMPLE PERSON that comes from the streets and relates to them! I havent met one in my life!

Nodoubt this niggas would had no job back in the 80's and early 90's! SO ITS ALL GOOD FOR THEM THAT THIS RAP SHIT WENT GLOBAL!!!

G-unit(besides buck) MAKIN SALES JUST WIT THEIR BEATS and not their flows or their punchlines!! Thats a fact! And this explains the fact that real niggas from the hood dont listen to'em! And if u disagree show me one simple line they wrote and thats still ringin in your mind! Get rich or dietryin was the last "hood album" they made! i dont know what buck still doin wit this niggas yet tho'!

I agree wit errthing guy

I agree wit errthing guy above said except that R&B music is shit. I know alot of ppl on dis site not gon agree wit me here when i say that R&B music has a place amongst hip hop culture. I enjoy Good R&B as much as i do Good Rap. What you seem to forget is R&B is more part of Hip Hop and African-American heritage then Rap is. Louis Armstrong, James Brown, Funk Brothers, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes etc. all been doing this music thing and carving a place for black culture iin the music industry for the last 70+ years. What they did basically created opportunities for musical-minded 'artists' who ultimately, couldnt sing to create music that related to the struggle of Black races all over the world and that was able to be marketed. Rap was 95% influenced by the Jamaicans and what they called 'Toasting'.

Please feel free to not listen to or enjoy R&B music but please respect it for what it is.

And as far as Dank96 goes, ur a fucking stupid fuck. Who obviously the lonely one here everytime i come to dis site and read comments i see ur name dissing sum1 who said they didnt like sumthing. Dont try to tell me u were talkin bout music:

ill knock ur ass out princess!! stop bein obsessed wit cocks u fruity bastard i told u yahoo got a chatroom 4 people like u!"

Yeah heaps musically minded ay. I wonder, how you gon knock ne1 out from ur computer Stupid ass bitch. Den you wanna go on about English professors and pokemon n yahoo chat rooms n shit, ur fucken sad man, seriously

Dank96's picture

ur dum as fuk man

i never started talkin shit man i talk shit bout some rappers ability 2 rap but never 2 some1 unless dey start shit like u n dat other dude. shit hoe if u dont like wat im sayin dont read my comments i neva started talkin 2 u ne way hoe

how many times you gon tell

how many times you gon tell me to do shit that you doin urself.

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u call dblock wack n shit 4

To Dank96
For one i aint a hypocrite, i did say T.I. and justin timberlake making a track was wack, but isnt it the same for them makin a track with paris hilton? Gimme a fucking break bro, i read your shit all you do is hate on G-Unit and choose dipset/ d-block and talk about how good their shit is... dont tell me you dont do that, im not the one to do that, dont hate on me for liking some of their streettapes man, im sure im not the only one. Youll knock me the fuck out? what over the computer? quit talkin shit man you make yourself look like a retard everytime you talk on shit on here, because it dont mean nothing, its the internet, dont act all hard all over the internet, its fucking stupid. From ATL by the way. And by the way shoudnt it diminish D-block's streed cred for doing this shit? If it diminishes it for T.I.? Youre the fucking hypocrite man shut the fuck up dick-ryder. And as far as Jimmy goes, i dont think their hustlas or gangstas i just think some of them mixtapes is hot, i dont really give two shits what they are and what they arent i just like some of their mixtape music, but no not dat r@b shit u talkin.

Dank96's picture

once again

u da 1 started talkin shit...i was talkin bout dblock n gunit n u callin me a cock sucker dick ryder n other gay shit dats talkin shit man so i aint gon let some1 talk shit 2 me so imma hit u back up..i never start talkin shit bout some1 unless dey talk shit first. 2 me shit talkin is garbage aint nothin bout words especially since nobody knows nebody here so how da fuk u gon call some1 gay or internet thug n shit. i talk shit bout g-unit 4 da facts dat every1 knows bout dem n i dont like dey music at all i listened 2 gunit mixtapes years ago cuz i always liked buck n game. den when game left i was always hopin buck would leave 2 so i wouldnt have 2 ever hear 50 or yayo or banks ever again on a buck track. but dat aint happen yet. i dunno bout yall but when i hear rap i like 2 hear good lyrics dat mean somethin or r clever or have some truth 2 it n none of gunit brings ne of it. some rappers lie alot but u can never know 4 sure but u know 4 sure dat 50 lies cuz he denies shit in interviews dat he rapped bout n he snitches n yayo said himself he lies so when i hear gunit i hear noithin but lies. jada made a track wit paris who happens 2 have pussy so she prob gave jada head or sumshit dat aint gay n ti made a track wit justin who is pretty gay n i hope ti n justin aint do nething 2gether.i also hurd justin gon b on his album n if dats tru den dats gon b da gayest album n i dont think many hardcore rap fans r gon buy his album wit a nsyc track on it.