DJ 31 Degreez & Cam'ron - I Am Dipset

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01 Sorry
02 Amber Lamps
03 Body Bag
04 Pandemonium
05 Clap
06 Monster Muzik
07 Ooh Baby
08 Hustle
09 Stop It 5
10 Cuffin
11 Cocaine
12 We In Dis Thang
13 Different Cloth
14 Lets Talk Bout It
15 Caveman
16 Stupid Wild
17 Classic Cam

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harlem stand up

harlem in d buildin.... the blkshyne's on niggas then i son them.
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That dont even look like

That dont even look like Camron. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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who ever said ya momma dont succ is a liar lol dipsets wacc
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update ya photoshop program

this is a horrible cover. that dont even look like camron. i remember them diplomat vol 5 days, its a classic in my cd changer.
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whats up with the album....can we get one


Would u please stop with that annoying comment about crime don't pay, that shit is annoying dog, are u that lame and unimaginative??


It's his signature.
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GPeeps Put ya fuckin tampon

GPeeps Put ya fuckin tampon in and shut the fuck up nigga. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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This has to be... kaos' worst cover EVER! I'm a fan of his work, no homo, but he mustve been smokin some heavy piff on this one. Or maybe the $$$ wasn't right. Anyway, I heard Jimmy publicly apologized to Cam for all the dipset beef. Could a reunion be in the works? The original dips w/ new recruits vado & producer araab muzik...uh-oh could be a problem. Haaaaaaa!

lol at the cover

looks like a broke ass akon
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funny face

funny looking mutha fuka
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Ha..they got Cam lookin like

Ha..they got Cam lookin like Aries Spears


who ever says "who ever said crime don't pay don't know what they talking about" is a fucking dick riding unimaginative phrase stealing pussy!!
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haha. You the only one dick

haha. You the only one dick ridin me fag, take that homo shit somewhere else. Why you so worried about my fuckn signature fag ass nigga? Its from a Yo Gotti Song you stuiped fuck, off his best mixtape. You want me to start puttin quote notations and authors after it like a fuckin high school essay, Get the fuck outta here. Ima leave it up for you fuck niggas gettn ur panties twisted up. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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Even if the cover looks

Even if the cover looks stupid, it took way more skill to air brush that shit than to blend some pictures together.
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Stick to the subject

Can all ya'll stop bitchin like females and post a comment on the tracks....who gives a fuck bout the cover...its all bout the music and if u dont get that then get the fuck off this site. NOW, is this worth the DL or NOT??!!
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Why dont you stop bitching, download it, and let us know.
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Nah im my

Nah im my guest...i'd rather DL the new Jada "MUSIC IS MY LIFE"
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