J. Armz Presents AraabMuzik - Instrumental Kings 5

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01. Lets Talk About
02. Get Ready
03. Curve
04. Blow My High
05. Top 5 Dead Or Alive
06. La Bamba
07. Black Mask Black Gloves
08. Whistle
09. Nuthin Like Araab Muzik
10. Monster Muzik
11. Ohh Baby
12. Get It In Ohio
13. Gorilla Muzik
14. Stop It 5
15. Lenox Ave
16. Cuffin
17. Different Cloth
18. Chalupa
19. Rumors
20. For The Hell Of It
21. Spend The Night
22. Always Made It
23. On Me
24. Ride With Me
25. Dutch In Tha Air
26. Get Money
27. Horror Story
28. Go Hard
29. Rick Flair
30. By Your Side
*All tracks produced by AraabMuzik

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ARAAAAB MUSIK instrumentalssss!! dis is 1 da best producers i ever seen in my life, type him in youtube, my man makes instrumentals liveeee, hes fuckin got speeeeedddd with hes hands maaan, tooo sick, dipset all day!
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One if not the Top producer in my book

AraabMuzic is one of the Producers inspired me to get back into making beats man, this nigga beats is his signature he don't need no shout outz, song appearances or anything you just know who the fuck your listening too, im trying to get like that.
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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Dip Dip

that boy's beats r straight fire... Glad he's with the set....
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dis nigga sick wit it

dis nigga sick wit it
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need hotter beatz

what's up with that new young jeezy beat lose my mind!!! come stay on top of it!!!!!


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this should be good. where

this should be good. where would we be without J Armz? www.zeitgeistmovie.com
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Araab is dope mane.. but all

Araab is dope mane.. but all his tracks end up runnin together cuz it sounds so similar. he needs to switch it up a lil bit sumtimes