DJ 31 Degreez - Home Of The Giants (Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Nas)

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1. Nas - Fear Of Black Man
2. Jay-Z Ft.Kanye West - Go Hard (Remix)
3. Fabolous - Brookyln Go Hard (Freestyle)
4. Fat Joe Ft. Ron Browz & Lil Wayne - Windin On Me
5. Busta Rhymes Ft. Ron Browz,Julelz Santana,Jim Jones & Jadakiss - Arab Money
(NY Remix)
6. Lloyd Banks - I Do It For This Block
7. Nas - The World (Prod By Kanye West)
8. Jadakiss - Letter To Big
9. Kiotti - Give Me The Roc (Freestyle)
10. Fabolous - Lions,Bears,Tigers (Remix)
11. Jadakiss - Lets Ride
12. Lil Wayne - I Cant Miss
13. Jim jones - Scarz
14. Jay-Z - Brookyln Go Hard (Original)
15. Swizz Beatz Ft. Fatman Scoop - Get Loose
16. Busta Rhymes - Cant Take It
17. Mims Ft. Biggie - Bread N Butter
18. N.O.R.E. Ft. Busta Rhymes & Ron Browz - Rotate
19. Joell Oritz Ft. Joe Budden - Move On
20. La The Darkman Ft. Willie Da Kid - Well Respected
21. Red Cafe Ft. Fabolous & Paul Cain - There He Go
22. Freeway - Rap Spitters(Prod. By Don Cannon)
23. Donny Goines - Rickys Story
24. Jadakiss - 4 Da Fam(Freestyle)
25. Lloyd Banks - My Brother Keeper

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Posed 2 b ah NY mixtape

Posed 2 b ah NY mixtape huh?! Y da hell dey put Wayne on it....lmao...lmao...I fuks wit wayne sometimes but these DJ's.....
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GIANTS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA "Being Broke Is A Joke.... And Ima Die Laughin"


if i was a giants fan,i would b pissed at who ever posted this mixtape..hahahaah wrong ass time 2 post this mixtape with they losing asses,eli manning was shooked in dat game,he wasnt doin shit!..hahaahahhaahah~Magic D
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what up Magic Dizzle

ayooooooooooooooooooo what up Magic D what it be bro??? Where da fuck you been hiding at my man haha? I havent seen a comment from you in a HOT MINUTE! You know when my Eagles made the Playoffs and the Bears knocked theirselves out by losing to the Houston Texans i was looking for you LOL. I Remember months ago when we were about to play your Bears you were talkin shit and you guys whooped our asses LOL, but that was a LONG TIME AGO and we are a different team now then we were back then bro! I was lookin for ya ass and you were nowhere to be found LOL, its all good tho bro, i just hope my fucking birds can come thru FINALLY, been waiting too god damn long for this, the oppruinity is right there, the 3 teams that are left we could beat any given Sunday, this is our year to do it, we will never again have a chance like we do now, NEVER, all the best teams already got knocked out (Chargers, Colts, Pats, Giants) and the teams left aint that good, we already RAPED the Cards on Thanksgiven, and the Ravens & Steelers dont have a good enough Offense to hang wit us, they just got good Defence's, but we do too but we'll score more, its right there for us, i can actually feel the parade coming haha, the Phillies just did this shit 3 months ago, that shit would be too much man, a fucking OD for me haha!!!! Just know that if we do pull that shit off ya boy JayJay will be the happiest muthafcuker walkin the face of the earth LOL, just know that!!!!!! I will be in Philly wilin the fuck out til they throw me in the slammer haha, ima burn some shit down bro!!!!!! But yeah i hear ya man, 31 Degreez got some bad timing LOL, if i was a Giants fan i would be PISSED ALSO, why the fuck would this nigga wait til they lose then put this shit out hahaha, what a goof, i mean you can believe that there is MAD FUCKIN GIANTS FANS on this website, they just quiet as fuck right now LMAO, and i love it, you know how many muthafuckas is from NY on this website, where all the Giants fans at HAHAHAHAHAHA, they prolly done killed theirselves already LOL, i fuckin love it, alrite my man take care and be safe! One!!!!!!!!!!! GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Being Broke Is A Joke.... And Ima Die Laughin"


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your right i dont have a job, i dont need a job, i have one better.... i have my own business LMFAO, get on my level welfare kid!!! i got money stacks bigger than you LMAO, true story.... also you must be a Giants fan huh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i love this shit man :-) "Being Broke Is A Joke.... And Ima Die Laughin"




Yo the whole team shot themselves in the leg...feel better now Plaxico? HAHAHAHA EAGLES BABY!!!!!!!! Act like u know


5 NFC CHAMPIONSHIPS = 0 Super BOWLS. McNabb is clutch

eagles stink, they barely

eagles stink, they barely one against the gmen's shittiest game of the year, gmen have that ring, what the fuck the eagles have?
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hahahah yo Yizz that shit was funny as fuck my dude LMAO, im getting a fucking T-Shirt made today ASAP of that aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahaah EAGLES BABY!!!!!!!! Act like u know[/quote] "Being Broke Is A Joke.... And Ima Die Laughin"

a yo JAY!

whats good?? n again like i told u a few months back,im actually goin 4 philly 2 win(dat was on the baseball tip though),cuz fuck the cardinals i remember 2 season's ago, when the bears went 2 the super bowl,we str8 murked them niggaz in the reg.season,n they fukin coach, still couldnt accept dat our team was just better then they shitty ass team,he even got crazy in the press conferance,talkin about,THEY WERE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!..HAHAHAHAHAH they even made a whole coors beer commercial about dat..hahahaah but any wayz fuck them cardinals!! let them niggaz lose! an as far as the bears fukin up,well consider dat shit a present from chicago!..hahahaha i aint trippin though,cuz we werent gon'make it dat far in the play-offs,cuz our QB was playin shitty,n our defense was fallin off,we was just gon'embarass our self's in the play offs..hahahahaa but we did win something 4 2008 though,we won the 2008 MURDER CAPITOL AWARD....hahahahaha i just bring this shit up cuz i remember our debates n shit. but i was like the only nigga dat new the eagles was gon'kill the giants i even made money outta dat shit,i won $400 in bets..hahahhahhh nobody was feelin da eagles,but good luck fukin up the cardinals take care my nigg~Magic D
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yo ayo

hahaha yeah i remember that shit cuzz, that was that nigga Dennis Green, that dude was mad as FUCK, nigga was like we are who we thought they were, all yellin and shit LOL, what a goofball haha!!! He got fired that year and has yet to coach anywhere else, that was 06 i think, maybe 05? But dont get it fucked up Magic dem Cards are playing GREAT right now, def. better than they have played ALL YEAR, they def. aint no scrubs anymore, Cards will be an ELITE team for the next few years to come, they have mad weapons on Offense, i mean Kurt Warner is playing like he's 25 again lol, that old superbowl MVP is coming out of him again, they got Boldin & Fitzgerald runnin the routes, they are both top 10 recievers in the NFL and there on the same team, they have the BEST WR'S IN THE NFL, PERIOD! nobody comes close to them in the WR department, there "D" is giving up the least amount of yards than any of the teams left INCLUDING the Ravens & Steelers who had the #1 and #2 Defense in the regular season, so the Cards aint playin my man, there fucking serious!!! I mean we DESTROYED them on Thanksgivin but they aint the same team as they were then, but hey either are we? So i think it will be a GREAT GAME, def. wont be a blow out either way, it will be decided by a TD or less, my prediction is 35-27 Eagles, but hey anything can happen and thats why they play the game right? I will be SO MUTHAFUCKIN DEPRESSED if we dont at least go to the superbowl, i mean if we get there and lose i will be proud of my squad but to lose on Sunday would be just straight the fuck up crushing and HEARTBREAKING, i will go into my shell for a few weeks FOR SURE LOL, no bullshit man!!! Im souped up though and have a great feeling about my Philly sports teams this year, Phillies won the world series, Eagles are bout to do there thing, Flyers are in first place, and the Sixers are starting to put a good run together, i couldnt be happier wit my squads rite now thats for damn sure! I live to watch my Philly teams man, my 4 Philly teams are just as important to me as my family dude, no bullshit, thats the gods honest truth!!! Im the BIGGEST Philly fan you WILL EVER come across, thats a promise!!! All year long when they win it MAKES my whole week and when they lose it FUCKS UP my whole week, its like sports controls my life, crazy huh? If the Eagles were to win the BIG GAME you will see my ass on the news bro, I PROMISE YOU THAT hahahaha, i will go to Philly like i did when the Phillies won but this time it wont be just ripping down the red lights and bus termanals, im gonna set the muthafuckin city into FLAMES and just wile the fuck out hahahahaha, flip cars, fight cops, smash shit, kick ppl, throw beer bottles, you know all that good shit LMAO!!! ok well take care cuzz and congrats on the murder rate award, where do they put the trophy at LOL, just kiddin, just make sure you dont become a part of that stat for 2009!!! be safe, ONE! "Being Broke Is A Joke.... And Ima Die Laughin"