DJ 31 Degreez - Roc-A-Fella Season Pt 2

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1.Jay-Z-Dreamin Again
3.Jay-Z & Ludacris Ft. Nas-Do It For Hip Hop
4.Jay-Z-He Asked For It
5.Jay-Z Ft. Biggie & Lil Wayne-Brooklyn 3.0
6.Kanye West Ft. Malcolm X-Heartbreak(Unreleased Version)
7.Kanye West Ft. Lil Wayne-See You In My Nightmares
8.Kany West-Heartless(Live)
9.Jadakiss & Lil Wayne-187
10.Jadakiss Ft. Max B-When I Grow Up
11.Freeway-The Revolution
13.Freeway-Street Ship Rap
14.Young Chris & Freeway-Everything Gonna Be Aight
15.Young Chris Ft. Freeway & Peedi Crakk-All 2gether Now
16.Young Chris-Rap Thriller
17.Memphis Bleek-Here I Go
18.Jay-Z Ft. Lox,Beanie Siegel & Sauce Money-Reservoir Dogs(Holiday Classic)
19.Jadakiss Ft. Ryan Leslie-How It Supposed To Be(Remix)

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Looks good as a another

Looks good as a another mixtape put together by another DJ but if i DL it ill probably wind up going from 3 of each of those songs to quadruplets so in other words it looks like a bunch of songs that are already scattered out across 10 other tapes but i refuse to call them "old" because they arent

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