DJ 5150 & Eldorado Red - Black Gangster 2


01. Eldorado Red - Intro (0:41)
02. Eldorado Red - Whip It [Prod. By Classic] (4:41)
03. Eldorado Red - Zips Of The Loud [Prod. By Zaytoven] (3:43)
04. Eldorado Red Feat. Alley Boy - Fresh Cut [Prod. By Chase A'Milli] (3:04)
05. Eldorado Red Feat. Bambino Gold - Mount Up [Prod. By Mike Will] (3:50)
06. Eldorado Red Feat. Fat Boy Grizzy - The Recipe [Prod. By Mike Will] (4:03)
07. Eldorado Red Feat. Tity Boi & Nephew - Hit Me On My Burna [Prod. By Mike Will] (4:29)
08. Eldorado Red Feat. Scragg Lee & Jah Fisher - Drugs & Money [Prod. By Mike Will] (4:17)
09. Eldorado Red & Bambino Gold - Trap House [Prod. By Mike Will] (3:55)
10. Eldorado Red Feat. Fat Boy Grizzy - Light Traffickin [Prod. By Marc Bell] (3:44)
11. Eldorado Red - Interlude 0:38
12. Eldorado Red - Black Gangster (2:47)
13. Eldorado Red Feat. Waka Flocka & Young Hootie - Gas Tank On E (4:31)
14. Eldorado Red Feat. Yung Ralph - Half A Birdy [Prod. By Mike Will] (3:13)
15. Eldorado Red & E Boy - Fresh (5:01)
16. Eldorado Red Feat. Hation Boy Buddy & Lil A - So Exotic [Prod. By Classic] (5:26)
17. Eldorado Red Feat. Haisha Porter - F*ck Wit A Gangsta (3:01)
18. Eldorado Red - Interlude 2 (0:42)
19. Eldorado Red Feat. Alley Boy - They Hate [Prod. By A Plus] (4:47)
20. Eldorado Red Feat. Felt 5 - On My Job (4:07)
21. Eldorado Red - Where Do Gangstas Go When They Die [Prod. By Da Kid] (3:09)
22. Eldorado Red - Outro 0:58

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whip it is a dope track,

whip it is a dope track, going on the ipod^Fuck You^
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Got Plies???

This nigga tape remind me of Plies. N if you truely know what good music is then you won't like this, but if your a simple-minded listener that likes Plies and the whole (supposely real)goon raps then this shits 4 U. Not here to discuss street cred with this nigga but we gotta rapper claimin to be a Goon Affiliate and the Realist Nigga in the Game already, don't need another one....J's(check), white T(check), Kush w/any designer jean(check)......Goin in Hard on These Niggas tapes now....Is there HOPE?


Yo Mfizzle....You got them recovery tracks yet??? That lil wayne-eminem song hit rap radar 30 min ago...AND that new Big Boi tape is off the chain so far too
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whats the wayne and em song

whats the wayne and em song called?^Fuck You^
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You can get the whole

You can get the whole Recorvery album off right now

Eminem - Recovery links:

[Edit - Dont post album links]
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You know, Ill have to admit

You know, Ill have to admit that Recovery is kinda good, hes not talkin bout all that bull shit, no arab voice, I even heard him say he knows that other shit was trash

At first I thought that was

At first I thought that was Juelz Santana....LMAO...I'm gonna check it out just because of that...It'll prob suck but Ima take a chance