DJ 5150 - NO To The BR 2


1. CALL DJ 5150 - 707.418.8437
2. Kevin Gates - Dangerous
3. B.G. - Nigga Owe Me Some Money Remix(Extended Clip) ft C-Murder, Plies, Lil
4. MouseOnTheTrack & Lil Cali - How U Like Me Now ft Wissle
5. MouseOnTheTrack - Rubbin On My Head(REMIX) ft Lil Boosie, Lil Trill
6. Down Bad - Loc's On ft Louisiana Cash
7. Shawt - U know what it is
8. The Show - Facade
9. Juvenile - Shine ft MouseOnTheTrack
10. Calliope Var - Home Of The Dope(REMIX) ft C-Murder, Kayotic
11. Birdman - Uptown ft Beck Beats
12. Webbie - Bigger(Remix) ft Birdman, Lil Phat
13. Big Poppa - Roll Call
14. Hurricane Chris - Coke
15. Kevin Gates - My City ft. A.R., Wissle
16. Lil Six - Im Fucked Up
17. Young Ready - Stand Over You ft. Lil Phat
18. B-Raw - Dumb Dumb Duffy ft. Young Ready, K.Bank$, & Lil Klapp
19. Kidd Kidd - Scrilla
20. Lil Boosie - I Wonder
21. Nussie(RIP) - Vapors

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This mixtape goes too

This mixtape goes too hard #1 is the shit
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Good mix

Defiantly a Weekend heavy hitter, i have a few of these tracks, i like the fact that this has a mix of kats i haven't heard from in a min, and of course the localized production is always sweet noise to my ears. _ Aye looks like Hornets startin to make some noise, i might have to update my sig if they keep up the winning streak ;-)
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-Saints Clinch Dome Field Advantage!-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
-Heal up and show them the real Saints! N.O. Saints #1 In 09-
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growth & development... decent tape mostly old but cant go wrong with this.....also big ups to the hot boys reunion its going down niggas no doubt....... {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤
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I like Drew Brees but when

I like Drew Brees but when it goes down to the NFC championship between your Saints and my Packers, Aron Rodgers is gonna explode on your defence and you can't stop our D either. I was born in Chicago but I moved to Milwaukee when I was 11 and we just got Favre and I've been a packer fan ever since. My family always be hatin on me cuz I like that pack since they all are Bears fans but I don't hate the bears they just suck. But if there is one team I can't stand it's the Vikqueens! Aright just my 2 cents since I know you a sports fan.

this is a mixtape site shut

this is a mixtape site shut the fuck up about nfl
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chamcham wrote:
this is a mixtape site shut the fuck up about nfl
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Who Dat?

chamcham wrote:
this is a mixtape site shut the fuck up about nfl
Who dat on dat Soapbox lookin stupid tryin to tell people what to do on their own shit when they have no control over nothing anybody say here? LMAO.. Ya'll do Know this place has a Moderator, if the Moderators have a problem with something on their own shit, THEY WILL SPEAK UP and tell people what to do and have access to pause, mute, ban or whateva to their account.
When you get ya own shit you can do the same, Click my name, i been registered here for 2+ years and haven't had any run in's with the Mods, so obviously ya whining wont work, just cancel ya account and just hit the attachment links and don't worry about comments if this hurt ya feelinz, You don't need an accouunt to download tapes ya know? :-#
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-Saints Clinch Dome Field Advantage!-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
-Heal up and show them the real Saints! N.O. Saints #1 In 09-
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This is some good shit dj 5150 keep doing your thing!!
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Baton Rouge in this

Baton Rouge in this motherfucka!!!(Why you get offended with ya defensive ass?)

Baton Rouge 70802

Baton Rouge 70802
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