Nas - No Idea's Original (The Nas Remixes)


01 U Gotta Luv It - Produced By Mondee
02 God Loves Us - Produced By Commander Black
03 Surviving The Times - Produced By Bt
04 Purple - Produced By Jony Fraze
05 Fast Life - Produced By Geng Grizzly
06 No Ideas Original - Produced By Large Professor
07 Hey Nas - Produced By Shinobi Ninja
08 Ur Da Man - Produced By 2 Hungry Bros
09 Ur Da Man - Produced By Face Valyou
10 Zone Out - Produced By Mondee
11 Mastermind - Produced By Steel
12 The General (Salute Me) - Produced By Bt
13 Nas Is Like - Produced By Dr Butcher And Rob Swift
14 Rewind - Produced By Face Valyou
15 Thiefs Theme - Produced By Tes Uno
16 Destroy & Rebuild - Produced By Rugged One
17 Affirmative Action - Produced By Kon
18 Bridging The Gap - Produced By Shiftee

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Automatic Dl For Me!

Automatic Dl For Me!
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this sht is garbage fuck nas gay ass rapper


Nas, gay ass rapper??? lol you must be a kid, go bang that retarded meaningless shit you're probably into, to listen to NAS requires some intelligence to comprehend properly, which you obviously don't have. I can't comment on the tape though, haven't listened to it.
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Nevermind, i was gone go in,

Nevermind, i was gone go in, but not worth it. peace..
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you said it man

you said it man
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Mr.Southwest wrote:
Automatic Dl For Me!
This shit is played out like your mommas stanky ass cunt Southwest! You faggot!
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You niggas wildin. No respect for a vet in the game. Nas was and will always be remembered to be a great rapper. Cant take that from him no matter how hard you niggas hate. Nas = Hip Hop. Period. Pay homage and shut the fuc up. --Music Keeps The World Turning-- . --Lyrics Keep The World Yearning--