DJ Ant-Lo - The Str8 Classics Vol 4 (The Best Of Three 6 Mafia & Hypnotize Minds)


1. Three 6 Mafia Ft. Eightball & Mjg & Young Buck - Stay Fly
2. La Chat Ft. Three 6 Mafia - Ghetto Ballin'
3. Three 6 Mafia Ft. Lil' Flip - Ridin' Spinners Áá
4. Three 6 Mafia - 2 Way Freak
5. Three 6 Mafia - Slob On My Knob
6. Three 6 Mafia - Ass & Titties
7. Three 6 Mafia Ft. Project Pat & Ludacris - Dis Bitch Dat Hoe
8. Project Pat - Gorilla Pimp
9. T-Rock - Slang & Serve
10. Three 6 Mafia - Testin' My Gangsta
11. Project Pat - If You Ain't From My Hood
12. Three 6 Mafia - Weak Azz Bitch
13. Three 6 Mafia Ft. Fiend - Get The Fuck Out My Face
14. Three 6 Mafia - Hit A Mothafucka
15. Three 6 Mafia - Tear Da Club Up '97
16. Three 6 Mafia - Who Run It
17. Three 6 Mafia Ft. Cash Money - Hypnotize Cash Money (Bonus Track)
18. Three 6 Mafia Ft. Ugk - Sippin' On Some Syrup
19. Three 6 Mafia - Late Nite Tip

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Well I give you props on the

Well I give you props on the Ball & G but this isnt the best of 3-6 by any means, you made this one for the club not the car
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a lot of those would be on my all time triple six mix
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I prob shouldnt of commented

I prob shouldnt of commented at all cause I havnt liked hardly anything 3-6 has done since like 2000. But Da Summer is the best 3-6 song, and you could put the whole Gangsta Black "Can it Be" album on here but it should atleast have Tire Shop of that cd

shit go hard as well fire as

shit go hard as well fire as mixtape wit some of the best singles from 3-6 i dont know what that otha nigga is talkin bout tear da club up and sippin on syrup been wangin for years.. and stay fly put them on tha industry map
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dayum i ain heard t-rock in a min. dis tape ain a classic of 3-6. i ain goin to download it cuz dayum 3-6, pat all dem i got tapes upon tapes of dem.
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real three 6 best of mixtape

if you want a REAL best of three 6 mafia that spans all their catalog then download this mixtape
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what about body parts!!!! crunkest isht known 2 man!

add porno movie ,now im high,robbers,mystic styles,lookin for the chewin,smoke out loced out..& a couple more and this junt would be on point!!!