Duke Da God & DJ Diggz Present A-Mafia - Lord Of The Streetz

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01. A-Mafia - Intro
02. A-Mafia - 1000 Grams
03. A-Mafia - Lord Of The Streetz
04. A-Mafia - Interlude
05. A-Mafia - Supposed To Get It Feat. Hell Rell
06. A-Mafia - Mafadomus
07. A-Mafia - Crown Us
08. A-Mafia - U Only Live Once
09. A-Mafia - You Know My Style
10. A-Mafia - Interlude
11. A-Mafia - Beyonce Joint
12. A-Mafia - Fly Gurlz
13. A-Mafia - Down 4 Life
14. A-Mafia - Interlude
15. A-Mafia - Fidel Castro
16. A-Mafia - I'm From The City
17. A-Mafia - Hardest In The City
18. A-Mafia - Lil' Kim
19. A-Mafia - We Back
20. A-Mafia - We Back 2

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AMAFIA IS THE TRUTH!!! gonna bump this shit all fuckin summer
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a-maifa 100 and that nigga

a-maifa 100 and that nigga can spit* Taylor Gang or Head Butt a Knife *

love a mafia but its real

love a mafia but its real hard to listen to his album str8 through cuz his style is so repetitive
OntarizzleFlizzle's picture

Hellz Yea

Yea this dude go hard..Im feelin this shit..I wish dip set would get together but who wanna split that check when these dudes solo careers r up the like bus fare..lol...Thats Just How i Feel Joe,Randy Ravioli the truth tho
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had some decent tracks on here... -WHO SAYS HIP HOP IS DEAD-