DJ Blazita & DJ Suss One - Nightmare In NY (Hosted By Five The General)

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01 - Nightmare In Ny Intro
02 - Dj Suss One Ft Uncle Murda Cassidy Vado Joell O
03 - Five Lloyd Banks - Eyes On My Money
04 - Tony Yayo Ft 50 Cent - Pass The Patron
05 - Maino - Let Em Lay Dj Suss One
06 - Five The General - That Will Learn Em
07 - 50 Cent - You Should Be Dead
08 - Fabolous - Long Gone
09 - Camron Vado - You A Joke
10 - Cnn Ft Faith Evans - Hood Pride
11 - Five The General - I Bet The Streets Know
12 - Styles P - Its Over
13 - Vado Ft Young Chris - Kill Em
14 - Lloyd Banks Ft Ludacris Dream Jadakiss - Beamer
15 - Jay-Z - Maybach Music 2 Lost Verse
16 - Joell Ortiz - Roger Dat Freestyle
17 - M Reck - Caught Up
18 - Five The General - Dont Blame Me
19 - Alicia Keys Ft Lloyd Banks - Unthinkable Remix
20 - Uncle Murda - Hard In The Paint Freestyle
21 - Camron - Show Out Freestyle
22 - Jadakiss Ft Nas Sheek - Soldier Survivor
23 - Ron Browz Ft M5 - Drinks On Me
24 - Busta Rhymes Ft Swizz Beatz - Stop The Party
25 - Fred The Godson - Get Em Fred
26 - Cristion Dor - Are You Ready
27 - 50 Cent Ft Amerie - Who Gonna Love You Remix
28 - Five The General - What We Talkin Bout
29 - The Lox - Gritty Shit
30 - Camron Vado - Like Shit
31 - New Millie Ft Styles P - Desert Storm
32 - Camron Vado - Fuck The Other Side
33 - Jashayla - There Goes My Baby He Said

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Pretty descent ...G.F.T.B. 5th ward TX Off that Lockwood Dr.
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again with this tape?? Fuck the cover artist and his creepyass
Silence072's picture

i betcha the cover artist is

i betcha the cover artist is some emo that hides in the closet with the light off and draws pictures of armeggedon while using a flash light,prolly listens to a lot of em's emo rap songs like stan and go to sleep. a -$$ As Long As They Reppin It That's Wat Its All About $$
yeanukka's picture

emo cover artist?

mah nigga...the artist is miami kaos... you can fucking tell just by the illustration style..and for you slow country bumpkin ma fuckas his signature is in da lower corner always... say what you want kaos is talented..this nigga done pioneered mixtape covers. ..Silence072... take heed to your username... and stay silent, because you have no idea what your talking about.
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OH... i'm so sorry, did i

OH... i'm so sorry, did i offend you, you wanna make me cry and leave this mixtape site and, you mad cause i made a stale joke about yo favorite cover artist. Bitch i wasn't serious if yo dumbass want me to shut the fuck up i suggest either you duct tape my mouth or get me kicked off the site cause for rite now Silence072 ain't shuttin the fuck up biatch.-$$ They tell me to shut up but i ain't shuttin it down, I'm Goin in hard so no mo foolin around $$
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wtf is wit the cover

some wierd ass shit goin on in this cover lol - anyways - not worth the download.
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The Tape is garbage, now on to the cover, did we really need to see this cover again? why did this come back? last thing nigga's wanna see is a lil toddler gettin her face tore up and a lil boy that look like shang tsung from mortal kombat with a bunch of nigga's lookin like they placin bets on who gets fucked up first..
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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LMFAO SHANG TSUNG...FINISH HER!!!!!! NA... I had a convo the otha day about this cover... since when is it gangsta to cut up daddys little girl? wtf? a marketing ploy..if anything.. it def. catches the eye. I dont believe miami kaos ment to offend anybody..its something different.. to all the clowns that download or judge a mixtape and or artist by the cover you go..this would def. draw in anybody who would come across the mixtape ..because it creates "controversy" ...
zameltzer1's picture

that convo

was with me. just didn't feel like repeating myself

dad's lil girl

Off wit her fucking head!!! Get Money, Fuck A Recession!
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What the fuck is a Shang Tsung?

Ol Non profit i need to stay on the internet looking ass ...G.F.T.B. 5th ward TX Off that Lockwood Dr.
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Shang Tsung

he was a fighter on mortal kombat that was either demon possessed or immortal-$$ They tell me to shut up but i ain't shuttin it down, I'm Goin in hard so no mo foolin around $$

haha young ass fuck boy dont

haha young ass fuck boy dont know shit bout the Sega Genesis._Although I’m world wide baby I aint hard to find
Silence072's picture

nigga i'm old enough to have

nigga i'm old enough to have had the sega genesis three used to play that bitch all the time, but i aint got shit else to say to you. You wanna talk shit about me fine go ahead, it ain't gone hurt my feelins though, jus gone let ya know ahead of time-$$ They tell me to shut up but i ain't shuttin it down, I'm Goin in hard so no mo foolin around $$

haha i was talkin @ mrs.

haha i was talkin @ mrs. southwest. calm down. Dont make me whoop your ass in some Tekken...this cover is halairious right now. lmao_Although I’m world wide baby I aint hard to find
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nice collection of tracks, nothing really new but good mix! "How Bout Dem Flyers"
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nicki look like she smell shit! lmao!