DJ Burn One - The Ashtray

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01. Lucy Says High
02. School Daze
03. The Mighty
04. Live
05. Og (Reprise)
06. The Day The King Was Crowned
07. 4 Oz
08. Melody's Rapture
09. And Then There Was...The Green Machine
10. Sheet Rock In Technicolor
11. Bobby Cox (Extended)
12. Sharae's Charade
13. Melophobia
14. More Smash Potatoes
15. The Last Doob

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Its definitely smoke music. Ride and roll one. Would have switched up some of the cadence. Every joint was on a slower speed, but overall a good project. The beats were soulful and dynamic. On your mixes I feel like you get it; clear mids great low end wit not alot of mud. NICE Work! Will check for the next project Once Verese Can Change The Game