DJ Cannon Banyon - Shootin The Breeze Vol 40 (Hosted By DJ Chuck T)

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01 Dj Chuck T Intro
02 Oj Da Juiceman - One Million Bucks
03 Marly Mar Ft Project Pat, Juicy J - Hood Rich Rmx Prod By Midimarc
04 Collard Green - Rocking That Freestyle
05 Snook Da Rockstar Checking In
06 Snook Da Rockstar - Turn Me On Freestyle
07 Rick Ross Ft Kanye West, T-Pain - Maybach Music 2
08 Young Buck - Cant Catch Me
09 Dj Chuck T Interlude
10 Fat Rat - Do Whud I Do Prod By Midimarc Fullversion
11 Yadda Dolla - Beatin Down In Hopkins
12 Lil Brod Feat Plies - Do U Mind
13 Lil Boosie - Loose As A Goose
14 Diablo Archer - Everyday Hero
15 Humble G Ft Yung Ralph & Moe - I Bought That Prod By Zaytoven
16 Big Hodge - Catch Me If You Can
17 Dj Chuck T Interlude Dc Smoke Shop
18 Brisco - Big Boy Shit
19 Lil Ru Ft Bust Rhymes - Nasty Song Rmx
20 Hollywood - I Want To Be Famous
21 Shawty Lo Ft Gucci Mane - Put Em Up
22 Snook Da Rockstar Checking In
23 Snook Da The Rockstar - Freestyle
24 D-One - Exclusive
25 midimarc Ft Rulette The Rogue - Over
26 Rich Boy - You Dont Love Me
27 Lil Chuck T Checkin In
28 Webbie - Click House
29 Wingo From Jagged Edge Ft Gucci Mane - Bust It Down
30 Teezyftt Oj Da Juiceman & Piazo - Bunkin South Cak Exclusive
31 Dj Chuck T Outro

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don't usually rate mix dj cd's but here's a free one. hood rich remix is tyte everything else doesn't blend well and the songs are second maybe third rate. I checked it out and it sounds all over the place. I'm a huge fan of Chuck T but he's gotta stop hostin'. I like him for some of the exclusives he gets not how he talks over all the tracks. I wouldn't DL this unless you got nothin' else to go to.

Its the top 2 mixtape DJ's

Its the top 2 mixtape DJ's in South Carolina...and it features a bunch of folks from Carolina... no disrespect, but Its a South Carolina wouldn't understand We put on for our state
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you're right

you're right dude. chuck t does really put on for carolina. I'm a huge fan of you also. I like some of the artists that you guys put on like marly marl. I think that dudes got talent. The only thing is that you got some third rate rappers on there spittin with the likes of Buck, LO, and Gucci. That what i mean when i say it's all over the place. Cannon and T also took tracks from other mixtapes already out. The future and young buck mixtape...etc. Most of the songs on here are great but like i said if it don't blend well you got nothing. Check out how spinatik blends his shit or even chuck t on his slangin mixtapes, it's really well blended. MIDImarc you're the shit though. I'm glad you took the time to have this little talk.

I understand. And who

I understand. And who knows...I might feel the same way if I didn't know the artist on the mixtape. We feel like South Carolina has been on the back burner for too long. There comes a time when you have to stop waiting and take matters into your own hands. The music scene in my state is better than it ever has been. Lil Ru is signed to DefJam and already has a track with Busta Rhymes...Lil Broad's "Do You Mind" record is all over the radio here. On top of that you have SC veterans like FatRat Da Czar, Marly Mar, Piazo...It might not be so entertaining to download on the net, but this is about to be the soundtrack to the spring/summer around these parts. Cannon Banyon has a mixtape store and its already jumpin off the shelf. Alot of the "3rd Rate Rappers" on this mixtape are held in the same regards as Young Buck, Gucci, and Juiceman here in our state, in fact when the major artist come to town the show mad respect to some of the names on the mixtape. If you honestly don't like the songs then cool...can't please em all...but give South Carolina a won't be disappointed
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Mad Respect

I hear you completely. I don't know a lot of the artists, you're right. I know that Chuck T always put on a few of his SC artists on his slangin tapes but most of the time they get outshined by the bigger artists or sometimes you're like "who's this". The only thing about that though is I feel like if you want to put people on get all the SC artists on one tape of their best stuff and put it out. don't let ATL, FL, and TX outshine you guys by putting them on the covers and at the beginning of the tape. it's a good way to get people listening but just do you. I would download an exclusive SC tape anyday just to see what you guys have out there. This tape might not do your state justice with all the others on there. I have mad respect for what you guys do though. I've been on the mixtape scene since clue and funkflex. they always put all new york cats on their tapes until later on. Come up with an "SC sippin" mixtape and release it here, thatcrack, and DX and I guarantee you guys will get some exposure. Right now i'm boucing to Gucci, LO, Marly mar, Ross, Buck, and OJ off your tape. SC NEEDS EXPOSURE ON ITS OWN!!!

This is true...but the

This is true...but the underground of FL, ATL, and TX are known all over the country...possibly the world. If Lil Ru,Hollywood,Piazo,FatRat etc would've been on the cover how many downloads do you think it would've moved. YOU might've downloaded it, but the majority of the mixtape community would pass it over because they didn't know who the folks on the cover were. If you want to hear an all SC project you can go back and get DJ Cannon Banyon SC Stand Up Vol 8. And Charlemagne The God dropped "South Crak The Album" you can get that on itunes
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I don't know why Carolina let ATL out shine them, Ya'll got way better Lyricist.. It's a shame, ATL must be a Marketing Mecca to put out some of the garbage artist they have on such a high pedestal.