DJ Delz Presents Wiz Khalifa Vs. J. Cole - Street Spittas

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1.J.Cole-The One
2.Wiz Khalifa-Too Late
3.J.Cole-Who Daat
4.Wiz Khalifa-The Statement
5.J.Cole-No Holding Back
6.Wiz Khalifa-Radio
7.J.Cole-Bun B For President
8.Wiz Khalifa,rick Ross,curren$y-Super High Remix
9.J.Cole & Funk Master Flex Freestyle
10.Wiz Khalifa-Been There
11.J.Cole-Lights Please
12.Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y-In The Building
13.J.Cole-We On
14.Wiz Khalifa & Wale-Breeze
15.J.Cole-Premeditated Murdah
16.Wiz Khalifa-Cabin Fever
17.J.Cole-Dead Presidents
18.Wiz Khalifa-Aint Nothing Change
19.J.Cole & Dj Delz-I Really Mean It (Extended Version)
20.Wiz Khalifa-Rock Boyz
21.J.Cole-The Man
22.Wiz Khalifa-Say You Will
23.J.Cole & B.O.B-Gladiaters
24.Wiz Khalifa-Boarding Pass
25.J.Cole-Devil In A New Dress
26.Wiz Khalifa & French Montana-Not Ready

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Two different styles so this gimmick isn't working. Good mixtape if you've never heard of any these guys; but if you don't live under a fucking rock, you won't find anything new. -R.I.P. Twelve A'Klok-


I like the both of them but there is no comparison
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This is like having an Lion

This is like having an Lion Compete against a Python Snake..

i wanna start by sayin wiz

i wanna start by sayin wiz fukin sucks.niggas rhymes are garbage...i cant believe he got the best new artist award....why would you even put these two rappers against each other wiz is garbage and j.cole is one of the hottest out