Hell Rell - Us Never Them


01 - Hell Rell - Dummin Out
02 - Hell Rell - Just Ryhmes No Hook
03 - G Five Cash Hell Rell - Bang Bang Musik
04 - Hell Rell Cash - My Nigga Cash
05 - Gutt Buckz Hell Rell - Ct Connection
06 - Cash G Five Cheedar Buckz - Going In
07 - G Five Hell Rell - Dreaming
08 - Hell Rell - Looking For This
09 - Jr Writer Hell Rell - Go Cinderella (Remix)
10 - Hell Rell - Real Nigga Nation
11 - Hell Rell - Sellin Kane
12 - Cash Hell Rell G Five - From The Bronx
13 - Hell Rell - Plenty Gangstas
14 - Goonberg Jus 20 Cash - Round Table
15 - Hell Rell Pirana Gang - Who Fuckin With Us
16 - Hell Rell Cash - Shout Out

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jus kept track 2

jus kept track 2 ~boring~tape~ sounds recycled

Haha real talk!

Mayne i played this shit this mornin on my way to work and i almost had a car accident when i dozed off on this yawner. To the ricycle bin this shit went! Theres nothing like a southern tape to get me goin when im fighting traffic at 6 n da mornin u dig. Maybe i could of relate to this shit more if i was posted up outside in the snow on 60 below 0 weather with my timbos on, and my sweatshirt on, hoodie, and jacket on, but naw im down here in this 90 degree weather with my tank top, and my dickies j walkin sweatin my nutz off u heard!

it's good the conversation

it's good the conversation got moved here cause them boys on the other tape got a lil' bit of sand in their pussy n they all mad, but yeah man i listen to a good amount of shit from the East to give it a chance but it's really tough out in NY right now niggas tapes ain't movin' so they don't really got too much cash so they out in the cold with their lips all chapped up n can't even go to the store to get some chapstick,i feel for them boys shit maybe they should just call it quits n go work at wal-mart.the recession really hit NY, fuck it i'll be at the beach today enjoying the weather 84 degrees with a nice breeze and beautiful girls walking around half naked...lifes good in the South
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Fell Off

haven't heard anything good from ruga in a while, what a shame


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Dream team

Yeah we'll see about dat next weekend when dem boys run over they azz.
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Been waiting for shit for a

Been waiting for shit for a min now...

been waiting for shit?? use

been waiting for shit?? use the toilet then nigga
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nice one

nice one