DJ Drama - Little Brother: Seperate But Equal

Drama and the South's premier underground collective Little
Brother (triple threat Rapper Big Pooh, Phonte & producer 9th
Wonder) gets up in your ear with the hip-hop sound that has the
entire industry at attention. With a unique Southern sound, this
rare mixtape reps real hip-hop from the heart of North Carolina.

1 - Seperate But Equal
2 - Knock Knock
3 - Don't Trust 'Em Sequel
4 - Cross That Line feat. Big Treal
5 - Let It Go feat. Mos Def
6 - Can't Let Her
7 - The Singing Bums Skit
8 - Rollin Out feat. Supastition
9 - Macaroni
10 - Can We Get A Freestyle Please???
11 - On My G (Big Pooh)
12 - Hate (Phone)
13 - Lovin It feat. Joe Scudda
14 - Not Enough feat. Darien Brockington
15 - Boondock Saints feat. L.E.G.A.C.Y. & Chaundon
16 - Teedra Mosis & MySpace Skit
17 - Home feat. Joe Scudda
18 - Horror Movie Skit
19 - I Need You
20 - Candy feat. Bun B & Darien Brockington
21 - How Did This Happen???
22 - Speed Racin feat. Skyzoo & Chaundon



ive tried to d/load this and

ive tried to d/load this and MOP.... with no success, r trackerz down??

nah it's connecting, try

nah it's connecting, try azureus
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works fine only one seed

works fine only one seed though....cant be patient when your phenin for mixtapes

OK but feenin' for Triggastate

This CD was okay but I like the DJ Drama Triggastate better. Someone needs to post that sh*t ASAP!
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DJ Drama Triggastate 10-20-LIFE

been looking for that sh*t for some weeks now. it just dont exist on the internet

should be up soon

i finally bought the new dj drama triggastate cd last week so no need to make them any richer. it should be up soon.

BitTornado is not connecting

BitTornado is not connecting whats going on, I need this. BTW big up to yall got me up on the newest shit I'm ahead of every single mixtape hustler, I will be donating but for now I'm playing my broke college student card.

again, try azureus

again, try azureus
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azureus... DAMN!!!

i just downloaded that azureus bit torrent.... shit, why didnt you tell us about this before? my shit is flying!
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whats the website for azureus, iv seen over 4 differnt types? ThanksBETTABELIZEIT....LEGACY ENT. WE RUN AZ
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this cd is off the hook,

this cd is off the hook, little brother is dope. good to here dj drama doing somethin different. north kackalacka in the house.


props but, how do I d/l this shit.....



Mac user here

Im using Tomato, but it wont d/load....its worked in the past!?!? something up with the server? I NEED THIS.

the best

on some real talk, this is the best mixtape I've heard this year, props, this made me a little brother fan

ahh yes lb is hard to find

ahh yes lb is hard to find







ouais ouais

ouais ouais


hope it's as great as their other cds...