DJ Spinatik & Gorilla Zoe - Monkey Business (Street Runnaz Special Edition)

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1. (00:00:24) Gorilla Zoe - Intro
2. (00:03:24) Gorilla Zoe - Broom ft. Gucci Mane
3. (00:01:01) Gorilla Zoe - U Buyin We Sellin
4. (00:03:36) Gorilla Zoe - Loddi Doddi ft. Shawty Lo, Gucci Mane & Yo Gotti
5. (00:01:13) Gorilla Zoe - Hercules
6. (00:01:38) Gorilla Zoe - It's Nothin
7. (00:04:06) Gorilla Zoe - Bosses ft. Yo Gotti
8. (00:01:34) Gorilla Zoe - Whatever You Like
9. (00:03:10) Gorilla Zoe - What It Is
10. (00:03:58) Gorilla Zoe - Money ft. Gucci Mane
11. (00:01:44) Gorilla Zoe - Nasty Song
12. (00:03:46) Gorilla Zoe - S.W.A.G.G. ft. Shawty Lo & Rocko
13. (00:01:44) Gorilla Zoe - Chain Swang ft. Gucci Mane
14. (00:02:17) Gorilla Zoe - Jockin
15. (00:03:28) Gorilla Zoe - Wells Fargo
16. (00:04:42) Gorilla Zoe - I'm A Thug
17. (00:03:26) Gorilla Zoe - I'm Dumb
18. (00:03:41) Gorilla Zoe - Break It Down ft. Young Dro
19. (00:03:39) Gorilla Zoe - Go Girl
20. (00:03:58) Gorilla Zoe - Freakin
21. (00:02:13) Gorilla Zoe - Powerful Drawz ft. Yung Joc
22. (00:03:48) Gorilla Zoe - Lost ft. Lil Wayne
23. (00:02:12) Gorilla Zoe - Outro

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zoe is that dude

yo some of these songs are old but zoe is that dude thanx for the mix

You want became a idol....

The Wax Wizard and The king gorilla good tuff

True Street Runnaz

The wax Wizard does his thing, Zoe goes hard. How can you go wrong? You cant


artists like this shouldnt even be able to rap, this shit is wack if u ask me. or some of these djs who just rush out tapes full of trash donit get imt. lil waynes the best lyrists dead or alive hands down

lil wayne is not the best

lil wayne is not the best lyricist by far, you got 3 niggas in front of him: Tupac, Notorious B.I.G. and Nas is the best lyricist alive by far. lil wayne is raw dont get me wrong but definantely not the best lyricly


correction......Eminem, TuPac, Nas, Wayne.....end of story

eminem is sick dont get me

eminem is sick dont get me wrong, but nas's shit has been alittle off if u ask me, nothin that catches you, dont get me wrong tho hes old shit was crazy. let me rephrase myself lil wayne is thge best right now

Jay-Z aint one of the best

Jay-Z aint one of the best lyricist?