DJ Green Lantern & Jay-Z - Creative Control (Artwork & Tracklist)

4 years after DJ Green Lantern & Jay-Z's project Presidential Invasion was announced but never materialized we now have the artwork & tracklist for Jay's newly announced upcoming official mixtape. Featuring production by Green Lantern, remixes, live appearances and brand new music, hit the break for the full tracklist.

1. Intro
2. Advantage Carter [Produced By Green Lantern]
3. Welcome 2 Atlanta V103 feat. Young Jeezy & DJ Greg Street
4. Jay's Back ASAP
5. Live In London
6. Green Magic
7. Brooklyn Sound Boy
8. Child Abuse [Produced By Green Lantern]
9. Jay-Z Speaks On Green Lantern
10. Flashy Life
11. Got Me On My Shit [Produced By Green Lantern]
12. Pimp Stroll [Produced By Green Lantern] feat. Lil' Wayne & Dante Hawkins
13. Conspiracy Theory Freestyle
14. Sweet [Produced By Green Lantern]
15. Only 1 Hov Accapella
16. Can't Knock Da Hustle (Green Mix)
17. Good Old Days (Green Mix) feat. 2Pac & Styles P
18. Wishing On A Star (Green Mix) feat. 50 Cent, Freeway & N.O.R.E.
19. Who You With (Green Mix)
20. H.O.V.A. (Green Mix)
21. My Nigga Jigga (Green Mix)
22. Stuck In This Life (Green Mix)
23. This Shit Right Here (Live @ American Gangster Tour)
24. Dirt Off Ya Shoulder (Crunk Mix) feat. 50 Cent
25. Invasion Interlude
26. Home Of 9/11 [Produced By Green Lantern] feat. Cam'ron & Juelz Santana
27. Life Of Party [Produced By Green Lantern]
28. Jay-Z Speaks w/ Green Lantern & Greg Street
29. Heart Of The City feat. Dante Hawkins (Live From Dublin)
30. Beautiful Hustle feat. 2Pac & Mary J. Blige
31. Fronting (Green Mix) feat. Loyd Banks, Rah Digga & Memphis Bleek
32. Top Down [Produced By Green Lantern] - Memphis Bleek
33. Barack Obama Speaks On Hip Hop
34. Lick A Shot (Yes We Can)
35. We Run This feat. Lil' Wayne & Rihanna
36. Marcy & They Shooting (Live In London) feat. Nas


36 Tracks?

That means they'll be 1-2 minute cuts.
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shit will be fire

nah dog green dont do those bullshit snip tracks. he will mix in old verses b4 that happens. damn i do see a couple of previously released tracks tho .
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get dis ugly devil worshipper outta my face, dis nigga worships lucifer and baphomet the goat headed hermaphrodite. im muslim i dont support dis old nigga and his devil worshiping ways.. i'll still fuk bey tho lol
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In America we have the

In America we have the freedom of religion, its his birthright to worship sponge bob if he choses to, and I thought the whole "blood and sacrifice" cult was super religious, washing eachothers feet like Jesus did or what not

Claimin Islam? SMH

please don't be actin a fool (i.e. pretty much every comment you've ever posted) n then claim islam
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even tho

even though i'm not the best muslim, im trying to be a better one & i still i fear allah, you wud be surprised at all the things i dont do cuz islam.. & u don't personally know me, u only know me from the comments i post, so dont be quick to judge me.
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Take ur stupid preachin muslim ass out of here, what the fuck do you know. Isnt Allah against homos??? When you pass on i think Allah will slay ur ass lol. This a mixtape site so keep ur religious opions to yourself cos its all a crock of shit to me.


mr young n sexy wrote:
get dis ugly devil worshipper outta my face, dis nigga worships lucifer and baphomet the goat headed hermaphrodite. im muslim i dont support dis old nigga and his devil worshiping ways.. i'll still fuk bey tho lol
yea, thats right, ignorance is bliss. we dont know you, but we know your name is MR YOUNG N SEXY, god body ARM LEG LEG ARM HEAD fear allah w/e , what u doin fuckin sluts MR YUNG N SEXY shut your hypocrite ass up and reviw the tape. Nobody cares\\ who you are. Eat a pig. you'll never catch a reply from me so give it up smoth. Im just here to Delegate the Dumb motherfucking spammers, from those who dont, even if it makes me a spammer. BUT IF I GOTTA PLAY BAD GUY TO GET YALL specially educated to REVIEW A GOD DAMN TAPE, THEN I"LL PLAY BAD GUY
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i can tell ur not muslim stop it, u just sound dumb and ignorant. how u gonna call me a bad muslim and u on a hip hop site? and why u swearing? & ur calling me a hypocrite? u just sound dumb stop it. stop being judgmental You don't know me, only can god can judge me cuz he knows all the things ive done good and bad. i know im not a good Muslim. i try my best to be a good one even tho its hard as hell. but u have no right judging people cuz at the end of the day when everybodys gone its just u and god & he knows everything ur doing.
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Uh oh

mr young n sexy wrote:
cuz at the end of the day when everybodys gone its just u and god & he knows everything ur doing .
Damn i guess i shouldn't have bust that big nut on that bitch face last friday, don't want that to come up on my book of life.. "sigh" ah well, at least it's better than having St Peter show me fingering some bitch in a Mall bathroom and having him tell me "WHY YOU AINT HIT THAT SHIT SON!"!!? LOL
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hahahaha Coming thru from the city below sea level, Yankee fitted so low call it below see level.
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kanye just works for the Illuminati just like all big artists, look up "pact with the devil". artists sell their souls for money & fame look that shit up braa. jay z is only rapper who is actually part of the free masons, because his like the most powerful and his intelligent. they wont just take any random person to join them. anyway theres too much shit to say just look all this shit up and do ur research bra..
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Enlighten Me

Where did u find that Kanye is part of the Illuminati and Jay Z is part of the the free masons?
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jay z video

theres millions of videos about dis, the Illuminati want everyone to know about them now cu their so powerful, nobody can stop them. & they trynna to push homosexuality on us, especially to little girls. why do u think theres so many singers who claim their lesbian or bi?
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After reading all your comments it seems like you really took to heart the homosexuality they push. Haha, just had to get that one in. And I like Kanye but take that dam picture down!
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they always make fun of Christan and musliams. the apple logo is a picture of the forbidden apple that adam and eve ate, that god told them not to eat.
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Idiot. Maybe its an apple because that's the company name. Or maybe because Steve Jobs likes apples. Not everything in America alludes to a conspiracy. -what you smoking smell like pine, no that ain't dro-
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and ur point is? they cud of just said that shit to cover up its true meaning and i dont really believe in the Illuminati. i just know theres powerful people who wanna take over the word and they trynna push the devil's agenda. im not really crazy about conspiracy theories and all that shit, but i just want people to know about it.
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Nigga you fuckin dumb and I

Nigga you fuckin dumb and I feel dumb after watchin half of your youtube video you posted. You all worried about that dumb shit? Do the research on the Bohemian Grove, governments putting flouride in our public drinking water ( which is the main ingriedient in prozac). Thatd be a good start for you. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

Main v. Active ingredient

the main ingredient may be fluoride, but the active ingredient is Sarafem, prescribed for severe PMS. The main ingredient in Listerine is water, but that's not what gives it it's cleaning properties
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you brush your teeth with calcium floride but they put sodium floride in the tap water theres a difference.
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thank you cuz he makin

thank you cuz he makin agenda analysts look bad. I can tell he just goin off of youtube videos and not hard core research and government documents.
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After all your posts about the illuminati you go an say ( i dont really believe in the Illuminati.) So what have you been banging on about for several posts LMAO. You really are one fucked up little abbo lol.
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Lebrons Kid
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thatsthatshit wrote:
-I'd Rather Bang Screw-
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Let it slide the first time

Let it slide the first time but dam the words are spelled Christian and Muslim.
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don't get me started

aah illuminati and high end freemasons are basically one in the same i.e. sell your soul to the devil for seven years. and how can a christian work for the illuminati. The illuminati aint a job.
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Actually, the Illuminati

Actually, the Illuminati control this entire country and pretty much the rest of the world. Anyone who's music is truly mainstream is working for, not part of, the Illuminati. They want us all to be concerned with bullshit like T.V. & stupid ass music while they make the real moves in the shadows. Anyone who speaks on them in their music will be taxed or killed. They killed every black leader we ever had and will continue to do so as long as they keep movin. I aint preachin, jus keepin it real. The Illuminati infiltrated the freemasons years ago and only certain freemasons are actually part of the group. Every Illuminati member must make a blood sacrifice to join and you dont find them, they find you. Dame did it with Aaliyah, Suge wit Pac, J. Prince with Pimp C, Quincy wit M.J., Diddy wit Biggie, and the list goes on. Now, there plan is pretty much complete now that Obama is Prez, which I thought was too good to be true anyway. They want everyone to know about them now because it's already over....
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And by the way this tape

And by the way this tape looks like it's gonna be some bullshit. I've seen all these tracks on other green lantern mixtapes
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U never know what your favorite artist is worshiping behind closed doors, really, lets leave that shit alone and stop making it a topic in every Jay Z mixtape.. anyway this tape sucks 6/10 not worth the DL, too Commercial.. Moving AFUCKINGLONG.
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      Reppin that *504 and 813*
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You got somewhere to

You got somewhere to download this dude to give it a rating?
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is this out yet??


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long time no see fizzle

Aww wassup home fizzle?! When we gonna kick back and smoke a blizzie homie!?
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Homie dis sum ov da dumbest shit n da world n ima blame myself 4 readin dis shit all the time. Bruh dis da prob wit d world 2day everybody worried bout what da next mf doin! Yall worried bout what des rappers doin, how much dat pay? 2 DNINC aint swinging from yo nuts o no shit like dat but u sta on sum G shit u step rite in and dead that dumb shit. N Mr Young and Sexy u seem like u on sum ol pussy soft shoe shit blind by CABLE TV and DVDs or is u really a dumb ass cuz i probly read 1 mayb 2 comments dat u EVER wrote that dont make me shake my head n say dis fool really stupid jus stop commenting cuz u retarded da dumb way!
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Here ya'll go

bole420 wrote:
is this out yet??
Here ya'll go, im not saying it's real im saying it does match up pretty damn well, feel free to share it if you find it useful, i personally compiled it myself, but it's an incomplete tracklist, some of it is old drops but look like he recycling them but i don't know for sure so wait for the full tape..
If it turns out to be real consider it MixtapeTorrent Exclusive Leak, it's the first place i posted this link
:::::::: :::::::
    Go here and listen to the TRUTH:
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
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free mason track

that free mason track is the shit ross jay z john legend
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Hov w/ an official

Hov w/ an official mixtape??? Guarantee this will be # 1 on that "top mixtapes of 2010" list. We may have not gotten lebron but we still have Hova!!!

bron bron all day

bron bron all day


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About time

that he did an official mixtape... Follow me at
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jay z blows!!!

ahh man.....this mixtape makes me really appreciate "Ether", nas never shoulda changed his mind about his bitchass!!!.....oh yea, and forever young is fuckin gay!!!! lol A Pussy Nigga Will Kill Ya Because He Scared Of Ya