DJ Hektik Presents Mia X - New Oreleans Legendz 2


01 Mia X - In The Beginning [Prod. By Murda Beatz & Dj Hektik]
02 Mia X - Da Payback [Prod. By Dj Bigg Cheeez]
03 Mia X - I'll Take Your Man [Prod. By Klc]
04 Mia X - The Party Don't Stop (Feat. Master P & Foxy Brown) [Prod. By Craig B]
05 Mia X - Part 3 (Feat. Mr Magic, Mo B Dick & C-Murder) [Prod. By Mo B Dick]
06 Mia X - I Get The Paper
07 Mia X - Slow Down (Feat. Snoop Dogg) [Prod. By O'dell]
08 Mia X - I Always Feel Like (Feat. Master P & Silkk The Shocker)[Prod. By Mo B Dick, Klc & Craig B]
09 Mia X - Thinkin' Bout U (Feat. & Master P) [Prod. By Craig B]
10 Mia X - Down For My B's (Feat. C-Murder, Khia & Trina) [Prod. By Xl]
11 Mia X - Anything (Feat. Soulja Slim) [Prod. By Craig B]
12 Mia X - Mama's Tribute [Prod. By Klc]
13 Mia X - Camouflage (Feat. Brandy) [Prod. By Xl]
14 Mia X - Big Timer (Feat. Fiend) [Prod. By Klc]
15 Mia X - Feel So Good (Feat. Fiend)
16 Mia X - Major Players (Feat. Silkk The Shocker & Porsha) [Prod. By Carlos Stephens & O'dell]
17 Mia X - 1-900-Bars [Prod. By Bink]
18 Mia X - Drunk Song
19 Mia X - Bag Of Money [Prod. By Beat Billionaire]
20 Mia X - No Pain No Gain (Feat. The Ghetto Twiinz) [Prod. By Precise]
21 Mia X - Bout It Bout It (Feat. Master P) [Prod. By Klc]
22 Mia X - No Limit Soldiers [Prod. By Klc]
23 Mia X - Uhhh (Feat. Master P, Fiend, Silkk The Shocker & Mystikal) [Prod. By Klc]
24 Mia X - Hot Boys And Girls (Feat. Mystikal & Master P) [Prod. By Craig B]
25 Mia X - Flip 2 Rip (Feat. Mac) [Prod. By Klc]
26 Mia X - Ghetto Symphony (Feat. Fiend, C-Murder, Silkk The Shocker, Mystikal & Goldie Loc) [Prod. By Klc]
27 Mia X - I Am (Feat. Mary J Blige) [Prod. By Xl & Brigg Stern]
28 Mia X - Can't Trust No Man [Prod. By Ken Franklin]
29 Mia X - Whatcha Wanna Do (Feat. Charlie Wilson) [Prod. By Craig B & O'dell]
30 Mia X - Fallen Angel (Dear Jill) [Prod. By Klc & O'dell]
31 Mia X - Verbal Assault (Feat. Dj Big Cheeez) [Prod. By Xl]

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