DJ Holiday Presents Armstrong - Kold World Kold Blood


01 - Goodfellas ( Produced By Bankbwoi)
02 - 645 (Produced By Ferrarifonz)
03 - Death Around The Coner ( Produced By The Professionals)
04 - Jungle Fever (Produced By Kayterry)
05 - Goinup (Produced By Sootfire)
06 - Twerkin Ft Alley Boy (Produced By Bank Yagam)
07 - Pull Up Slim-E (Produced By Beatbillionaire)
08 - Eye Connection (Produced By Divisionjunction)
09 - Scared Of Me Ft Killa Creep
10 - Armstrong Speaks
11 - Choices Ft Gorilla Zoe (Produced By Nito Beats)
12 - Its Beautiful (Produced By Matcy P)
13 - Cant Be Life Ft Slim-E (Produced By The Professionals
14 - Bought A 44 (Produced By Chris Porter)
15 - Suicide Life Ft Eldorado Red (Produced By Kay Terry)
16 - Memories (Produced By Chris Porter)
17 - Memories (Outro)
18 - Bonus Koolin (Produced By Drich)
19 - Bonus The Crib Ft Trouble (Produced By Ferrarifonz)

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This is the same old shit, repeated. The styles been done, the whole pointis to bring yourself sumthin new. Wack Beats. Wack lyrics. - Deuce Nixon
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the truth

Dude sound alright to me! Let's be realistic people, how many times can we re-invent rap? Eventually it all sounds the same so it just depends if you east coast,west coast,dirty south or inbetween!