DJ Holiday & Pimpin (of Dem Franchize Boyz) - The Pimpin' Chronicles Vol 2


1. (00:02:23) Pimpin - I'm The Shit (Feat. Young Baller)
2. (00:00:07) Pimpin - Pimpin Talk
3. (00:04:17) Pimpin - Clear The Stage (Feat. Fresh)
4. (00:02:46) Pimpin - Beating Down The Block (Feat. Joe Blow)
5. (00:04:09) Pimpin - Computer Love (Feat. Blazed & Jizzal)
6. (00:00:07) Pimpin - Pimpin Talk
7. (00:04:23) Dem Franchize Boyz - That's Why Niggas Don't Fuck With You
8. (00:02:09) Pimpin - Doing Numbers
9. (00:03:33) Pimpin - Swagged Up (Feat. Rocko)
10. (00:00:01) Pimpin - Pimpin Talk
11. (00:02:14) Pimpin - Granster (Feat. Young Baller)
12. (00:02:59) Pimpin - Mary Jane (Feat. Buddie & Young Baller)
13. (00:03:37) Pimpin & Monte Carlo - World Go Round
14. (00:03:37) Dem Franchize Boyz - High Speed
15. (00:01:23) Pimpin - Shootem Up
16. (00:00:31) Pimpin - Thank You

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who cares's picture

haha i remember when i was

haha i remember when i was in2 DFB in 7th grade. I went to listen to them cuple weeks ago n i was like "dam dis shit sux". Ima Jr in High school n can't believe i listened to dis bullshit hahaha
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haha i was in 10th wen this

haha i was in 10th wen this shit was popular--used to all the words to that lean wit it and remember dj pimpin from the video
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haha hell yea. those were

haha hell yea. those were the days. when you kinda jus followed what everyone else was doin/listenin to. now i cud give 2 shits hahaha

ahahaha maaaan this brings

ahahaha maaaan this brings back so many memories. DFB does suck now a days but they were the shit back when they first dropped lol
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damn well

They did have some party shit but it got borin real fast, down here if you played that shit too long people would have left ya party and not hired you no mo to dj.. but sometimez this shit got bitches poppin on ya car grill.. put that shit on now ,even they new shit and a bitch might laugh at you if you lucky. - Reppin H-Town By way of N.O.(K-Ville) -