Al Kapone - It Aint Ova (2004)


1.) Al Kapone - Intro
2.) Me And My Thugs (Feat. Yo Gotti)
3.) Bitch Boy
4.) Let's Go (Feat. E-40 & Lil Flip)
5.) Give Me That Grey Goose (Feat. 8 Ball)
6.) Lyrical Drive-By (Skit)
7.) Going On A Lyrical Drive-By (1991 Edit)
8.) Get Crunk Mothafucka
9.) Hey Jones!
10.) Pimp Tight Niggas (Skit0
11.) Pimpin In Me (Feat. MJG)
12.) Make Me Rich
13.) Niggas Talk (Freestyle)
14.) I'm That N.I.G.G.A
15.) M-Town Luv (Feat. Mr.Sche)
16.) What You Get (Feat. T-Rock)
17.) That Memphis Shit
18.) I Bet You Won't
19.) Real Niggas, Real Bitches
20.) Still Pimpin (Feat. Mr.Sche)
21.) Upcoming Albums
22.) I'm Just A Pimp (Feat. Mr.Sche)

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Yall sleeping at a time you

Yall sleeping at a time you should be wide awake
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can't believe those 6 years

can't believe those 6 years went by that quick