DJ Hollygrove - Screw Orleans 2


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Screw Orleans?

Na Na Na Yall Got My Town Fucked Up....But Good Track List.
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That tittle sounds so fucked up but the this mixtape is alright had to recycle a few -I'd Rather Bang Screw-
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so glad to see real south

so glad to see real south shyt...f;a stand up!!!
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This pretty good shit

Dumb ass title but i get it lol.. New Orleanians been on that Screw shit with Houston, Houston and New Orleans are Sister Cities so there's a tight bond there between the local styles, u got bounce block parties all in Houston and Dallas and you can find niggas knockin they doors loose ridin down Canal and Decatur street in N.O or in Baton Rouge playin that Screw .. (We call it "strew" tho) Lol, just the slang is different thats all...
Wish they woulda put some newer shit on here tho, like some of that Calliope Var, new Choppa, new Mystikal, or somethin.. Good tho
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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say hello to my recycle bin!

I fux with the NO hard!

I see some bangaz in there. This is an automatic DL 4 me SCREW the HATERZ!!! If you not down widdit, dont download it. Simple as that.
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ya hear that nolia clap

im not really a chop and screw fan but this tape is banging. good d/l
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looks decent by the track list but is chopped up wright who is dj hollygrove....
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too bad this shit didn't

too bad this shit didn't drop bout 8 years ago, it's straight though WHO-DAT!
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Shit Im From Da Chi-Town Man

Shit Im From Da Chi-Town Man I Love Screw & New Orleans This A Damn Classic Mix Da King 312/773/708
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this is a bump in Washington Park or the circle on a Sunday with a big old double cup of that sizzurp type tape...with a couple of blunts too[Don't take life too serious. You'll never escape it alive anyway.]
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Man this shit so trill my

Man this shit so trill my computer automatically d/l this shit....hahaha...(Make sure you listen to God also)