DJ Homicide Presents St. Laz, Opium & Big Leto - No Trash Beats


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Hit the break to watch the official music video for Never Gonna Leave

1. St.Laz Intro
2. St. Laz - Your Nobody Prod. By Big Bob
3. Flash - Magnificent
4. Penz - Duckdown Prod. By Gutta Digital
5. St. Laz - His Time Was Ticking Prod. By Emef
6. Big Leto Feat. St. Laz - Ring Ring (Remix)
7. St. Laz Feat. F.O.U.L - Brooklyn Thug Shit Prod. By Trakdealaz
8. St. Laz , Wooden Souljah, Chuck Burns - Too Hard To Die Prod. By Johnny Champion
9. St. Laz Feat. Mailman - Part Seas Prod. By Chrystal Beats
10. Parmillz - Think About That
11. Spek - Losing My Mind
12. St. Laz - Rebel Rebel Rebel Prod. By Moscow Mark
13. St. Laz- Bread Prod. By Johnny Juliano
14. Shysty Red, Opium & St. Laz - Projects Prod. By Dr.G
15. The Boy Bucka, Jo Dancer St. Laz & Opium (Pottersfield) Prod. By Joey Bags
16. St. Laz & Opium - Lol @ These Haters
17. Opium - I Pray Prod. By Rex
18. Tone Chop - Bad Motherfucker Prod. By Tone Chop
19. St. Laz - Ny Gun Rap Prod. By Philthy Pro
20. Shysty Red Feat. St. Laz - Bronx To Brooklyn Spaz!
21. St. Laz - Cheap Prod. By Soce
22. M.Reck & Papoose - Caught Up Prod. By Venum
23. St. Laz - All Brownsville Prod. By Green Room Pro
24. Big Leto - U Funny Man
25. St. Laz - Can't Go Back Prod. By Nick Stealth
26. St. Laz - The Mic Prod. By Dr. G
27. Big Leto & Ag (Of Showbiz & Ag) - Mad Pianist
28. Lexikon- Do It Urself
29. St. Laz & Opium - Can't Have Your Cake Prod. By Venum
30. Waydoe - Day 2 Day Prod. By Waydoe

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good beats fo sho

lotta fire beats. too bad they wasted em on these garbage ass east coast rappers. east needs more bangers from good spittas...
yeanukka's picture

Ya name is Listen2Amafia_son

Ya name is Listen2Amafia_son -- yet you saying these beats waisted on garbage east coast rappers. Laz is no garbage rapper. Homeboy will lyrically shit on mafia point blank nigga..fuck is you talking about bitch ass nigga
BelaRuski's picture

St. Laz is way more lyrical

St. Laz is way more lyrical than A-Mafia. But Mafia spits hard too. I'd still probably pick Laz over A-Mafia.