Opium - GanGsteRizM


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Opium on Mediatakeout

01. Field Of Blood - Prod by K.O
02. Bitch - Prod by GreenRoomPro
03. Thermometers ft St.laz Wooden Souljah & The Boy Bucka (Pottersfield) - Prod byCasa one
04. Jailtime ft Mailman - Prod by Telly
05. Amirah - Prod by Tone Chop
06. Akeldama OP - Prod By BigBob
07. Mazel Tov Ft St.Laz - Prod by FullKlip
08. St.Laz & Opium - LoL@theseHaters
09. St.Laz & Opium - Gangsterizm
10. One Drag ft Agallah - Prod by Rex
11. Hood - Prod by Rex
12. I Pray - prod by rex
13. Follow Your Dreams - ft Sultano - Prod by D&D Productions
14. Salvation - Prod by Big Bob
15. Projects -FT Shysty Red & St.Laz - Prod By Dr.G
16. Hip-Hop - Prod by Dolmang


17. Tone Chop - Paper Chase - Prod by Tone Chop

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Is this a joke?

He's got a 1 dollar bill showing and a few ancient hundreds that you rarely ever see anymore. They couldn't print out some realistic newer hundreds?


check out his tat, dat nigga has a rope hangin frm his neck BAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!
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It looks like dude has a bag of crank in his mouth...

It looks like dude has a bag of crank in his mouth... I bet he smokes crystal. Look at his fiend looking body and stare. I seen that on a tweekers face.