DJ J-Boogie & Sacario - Sneak Attack

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01 Feds Are Watching
02 Make Noise
03 Microphone Fiend
04 Quick Money
05 Angie Martinez Speaks
06 I Puts It Down Feat A.D.
07 Run This Town Freestyle
08 Undeniable Feat A.D.
09 We Made You Freestyle
10 Shake Ya Ass
11 4 A.M Ready To F*Ck
12 I'm So Cold Freestyle
13 Back On My Bulls*It
14 OK, Your Right Freestyle
15 Que Lo Que
16 Do It To Me
17 You Got Me Featuring Drake
18 Forever Freestyle
19 Fully Automatic
20 Your Ending

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looked him up on youtube ain sumthin id really download and listen too. found out he ghostwrites for ppl like diddy, lady gaga, usher, chris brown and probably more. idk so like he said on da video he got money comin in, haha. but yea like i said ain really sumthin id listen too, peace.
๑۩۞۩๑ Mista-843 ๑۩۞۩๑! (south killalina)
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sounds gay as shit

so I PASS!!!!!!!!

Damn! I haven't heard

Damn! I haven't heard nothing from him since that angie martinez joint. He doesn't seemed to have changed much since then either. This is nothing spectacular. It didn't suck but not worth the download. Reminded me a lot of the mediocre "hip pop" from the top of the decade (like the aforementioned angie martinez song).