Jae Millz - The Statue (2005)


3.Ah 1,2 Ah 1,.. (SWAT)
4.What's Up What's Up
5.Busta Rhymes Speaks
6.Hold You Down (Freestyle)
7.By Your Side (Freestyle)
8.Fate Joe Drop
9.It's Whateva feat Fat Joe
10.Stop Me (Freestyle)
11.Im NY (Freestyle)
12.Been There (Freestyle)
13.TI Speaks
14.Take Them Back (Freestyle)
15.It Was A Good Day (Freestyle)
16.The Vote
17.Jesus Walks
18.Jae Millz feat Swat Team Vad
19.Cam Speaks
20.Bonified (Freestyle)
21.Lil Jon Speaks
22.Its A Freestyle Called Nuck If
23.Win Or Lose Freestyle
24.Outro Jae Millz and Big Dye

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Thanks Homie!

Good lookin out dawg i been lookin for this tape for years. PROPS

jae millz is a fagget just

jae millz is a fagget just like ur your punk ass guy raps like a fucking bitch sounds retared no kadence sux dick hmm what else , shitty rhymes wack beats fuck u fagget

dis is wack as fuck and i

dis is wack as fuck and i didnt even listen 2 1 track! y drop sumen that came out n 05 by a gay ass wannabe rapper! jae millz kill ya self fo real homie!
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Yall really needa stop hatin on this nigga. He been a beast, his word play is crazy. I admit, he fell off for a minute but now that he signed to Young Money, he finna do damage. WATCH!

ya talking so much twange ya

ya talking so much twange ya aint even making money like him like come get for real why hate cuz if you were in his position u wouldnt be talking nigguh just signed with lil wayne and personally im not a fan of wayne but he makes money and every around him eats so dont get tight cuz my man millz is bout to get the arab money...his flow is sick u cant knock him off of it and u were probably bouncing ya head to "WHO" when it came out cuz everyone in the NYC was LOL and if u know the mans him then he must of made an impact in ur life quick the hate and respect the man...u dont gotta suck his dick or nothing but damn give him some props the nigga struggled just like everyone else does in this industry...thats like the whole nikki minaj hype niggaz is hating but the bitch flow better and she making more money then u so stfu aint no body telling u to download the album u can simple hit NEXT and u wont see it damn niggaz always hate yo for realll