DJ K-Swyft - Blend Madness Pt 21


01. Greenlight Swyft Remix
02. Turning Me On Swyft Remix
03. I'm Going Down Swyft Remix
04. Blame It Swyft Remix
05. I Wish Swyft Remix
06. Crush On You Swyft Remix
07. How It Was Suppose To Be Swyft Remix
08. Freak Like Me Swyft Remix
09. Games Swyft Remix
10. No More Games Swyft Remix
11. Things We Do For Love Swyft Remix
12. Forever Swyft Remix
13. Summertime Swyft Remix
14. Groove Thing Swyft Remix
15. Sweetest Thing Swyft Remix
16. Do You Remember Swyft Remix
17. You're Not My Girl Swyft Remix
18. Blame It On The Boogie Swyft Remix
19. Billie Jean Swyft Remix
20. Number One Swyft Remix

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I don't know what the hell this dude was thinkin' when he blended these songs but most of the tracks sound terrible. I'm listening like "Why the fuck did he put THIS track with THIS song?" He fukked up royally. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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GOOD ISH SWYFT.............

upsouth804 doesn't have a clue......keep that classic NYC blend ish poppin' my dude...... killin' me ova here with some classic acappellas homey....... Blame It blend is ridiculous...... there's only a few cats that get down like this nowadays....thx for keepin' the NYC mashups goin'..........