DJ Killa K & Red Rum - Now Or Never

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1. (00:00:31) Red Rum - Intro
2. (00:03:12) Red Rum - Welcome
3. (00:04:22) Red Rum - Get 'Em
4. (00:03:20) Red Rum - 24 Grind
5. (00:00:19) Red Rum - Interlude
6. (00:02:57) Red Rum - I'm On The Block A Lot
7. (00:00:26) Red Rum - Interlude 2
8. (00:02:47) Red Rum - You Can Try
9. (00:04:34) Red Rum - Hustle Hard (Remix)
10. (00:02:31) Red Rum - Fresh
11. (00:00:16) Red Rum - Intrerlude 3 (Salute The DJ)
12. (00:04:38) Red Rum - Get On (Feat. Magazeen)
13. (00:03:03) Red Rum - Outer Space
14. (00:01:51) Red Rum - Hard
15. (00:03:28) Red Rum - Block Burn (Feat. Ace Hood)
16. (00:02:42) Red Rum - Everyday
17. (00:02:52) Red Rum - Product Of God
18. (00:03:24) Red Rum - Darkness
19. (00:01:11) Red Rum - Outro
20. (00:03:51) Red Rum - All I Know
21. (00:03:05) Red Rum - I'm On Da Block A Lot (Prod. By Phil 4 Real) [Dirty Vers

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Grizz TTU's picture

Just hit me!

Damn i neva knew dj killa k is is just kyleon ol weak azz. smart move by him though, cus i was jammin that iceberg "stricly for the smokers" tape hard and ask myself, who da fuck is killa k? gonna give him anotha chance tho, still hoe tho..... that y they put his cubic zirconium azz shit in the background
yeanukka's picture

killa kyleon weak ass? nigga

killa kyleon weak ass? nigga what color crack is u smoking...dumb motha fucka
Grizz TTU's picture

I meant khaled everyone! shit

see this fatazz got me mixed up with his name change (killa K, sure does sound short for killa kyleon)damn, this is just makin my point for me that this nigga fell off. Cant even remember his name. Everyone know what i meant when i said kyleon "dumb motha fucka", excuse me for my mistake.
RealMusicFan's picture

Aint that Khaled?

I was about to check this out too, I don't wanna deal with all that "we the besss" screamin nonsense, fuckin up the tape. Ugh. ~If it doesn't have to do with the music, it doesn't fuckin matter~