September 7th & Crooked I - The Block Obama (C.U. Edition)

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2-Welcome To My City
3-Lift Em’ Up Feat. Nino Bless
4-Hood Politics
5-Circle Gang (Prod. By Jim Gittum)
6-Devi Dev Interlude 1
7-A Milli (Obama Rmx)
8-What’s Hip Hop
9-Trafficin’ Green
10-Hard On Da Blvd.
11-Block Obama Interlude 1
12-Signs Feat. One-2
13-Block Obama Interlude 2
14-W’s Down
15-Freak (Nc-17)
16-I’m A Problem Feat S.C.
17-Devi Dev Interlude 2
18-Swagga Like Crook
19-Horse Shoe Gang Freestyle
20-Barack Obama Interlude
22-Rappers Ain’t Shit
23-Straighten It Out Feat. Sauce The Boss
24-Fast Money Feat. Squala Orphan & Rsonist
25-New West Baby Feat. Coniyac
26-I’m Cold Feat. Glasses Malone & Hard Head
27-Two Of The Best (Treacherous Rmx) Feat. One-2

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---------------------- GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey magic d here's ya boy homie lol

Very appropriate cock

Very appropriate cock blocking - "THE BLOCK OBAMA" :P

stuipedest fucking shit, i

stuipedest fucking shit, i heard all day. homo ass nigga


i know.....but the shit about this tape is dat i aint feelin it like the other's,he came kinda weak on this tape,most of the beats r whack 2!, n bealive it or not,im goin 4 the phillie's 2 win,cuz fuck tampa! they beat the white sox,n the dodger's beat the cubs,so i was luvin it when the fukin dodgers got beat by philly..hahahahha but what happened on the eagles n bears game?? our quarter back kyle orton is on bidness now! i guess we had the birds eye view on dat!...hahahaaha~Magic D


Old mixtape. All these songs from his other mixtapes. The official The Block Obama 2 only coming out on Election day.

These songs are off of the

These songs are off of the untagged version of the block obama dumbass... and the last song is a special remix recorded/remixed for sept.7th. if you listened crooked i hosted it so it's official bitch. Plus if you learned how to read you would notice that this is NOT "Block Obama II" this is the block obama I caliuntouchable edition, dumbass

fuck obama

fuck obama