DJ Knucklez - I-95 North Pt 4


Exit 95 Onslaught 2 - Slaughterhouse F/ Fatman Scoop
Exit 96 Can U Feel It - Das Efx
Exit 97 Film - Nas
Exit 98 Head Knock - Ja Rule F/ Merc Montana
Exit 99 Do This Man - Lee Kid
Exit 100 Summertime Shootouts - Uncle Murda
Exit 101 Aye Aye Aye - Saigon
Exit 102 Microphone Fiend - Cassidy
Exit 103 Ready For War - Beanie Sigel F/ Freeway & Young Chris
Exit 104 Infinite - Black Rob
Exit 105 Face Off - N.O.R.E. F/ Raekwon
Exit 106 Damaged - Drake F/ Bayku
Exit 107 I'm Light - Curtains F/ Gucci Mane
Exit 108 D.O.S. Freestyle - Maison Caine
Exit 109 Kinda Like A Big Deal Freestyle - Laws
Exit 110 Dream Catcher - Inspectah Deck
Exit 111 Street Stories - Lupe Fiasco
Exit 112 Bang Time - M.O.P. F/ Styles P
Exit 113 Blockstars - Dj Kay Slay F/ Ray J, Plies, Jikm Jones & Busta Rhymes
Exit 114 Move - The L.O.X.
Exit 115 Shell Casings - M.O.P.
Exit 116 A Toast To The Good Life - Fabolous
Exit 117 80's Baby - Lloyd Banks
Exit 118 We Outta Here - Joe Budden F/ Slaughterhouse
Exit 119 Shining Down Remix - Lupe Fiasco F/ Young Buck
Exit 120 Aviation - Willie The Kid

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U think Joe Budden is wack? Nah cuz, I beg to differ. I mean, we all got our own opinions but it's a whole lotta niggas that would disagree wit' that one. Have you actually listened to this dudes albums? Joe is on some real life shit. Even if he is beefin' wit' the Wu right now (wrong crew 2 fukk wit') Joe still get play in my CD deck. Peace. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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Hoe Butter iz a dumb azz! he's barely heard of and alwayz beefin with niggaz 10x his size... Pretty soon when The W hit this nigga back u wont hear from this lil faggot AT ALL!! This nigga iz a JOKE! ....Iz cool he still have ppl that support him. He needs them. --no nutz no glory--
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Srry my dude but i think

Srry my dude but i think Budden is ova hyped. I mean yea he got a cuple gud trax here & there but on the real his ass jus killed the slaughterhouse cd (& not in a gud way)
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no srry nothing

srry something joe does pop a lot of shit but his flow makes up for it he killz it on SHouse cd in a good way come on look up who killed hip-hop i don't care if your from the north south east or west that shit is real,this mix dl is good too

decent tape, pretty alright

decent tape, pretty alright mix. the lupe tracks are worth the dl by themselves.
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This Got Some Bangers On It

I like the songs they have on here that I haven't heard. I like Maison Caine making D.O.S. (Death Of Swag) because I'm sick of that word too & I never used it. Glad to see Black Rob back wit' somethin'. That Kay Slay posse cut is crazy. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...