DJ Kut Presents Gangstarr - The Foundation Mix


01 Dj Kut Intro
02 Words I Manifest (Live)
03 No More Mr Nice Guy (Live)
04 Code Of The Streets (Dj Kut Remx)
05 Mass Appeal (Dj Kut Remix)
06 The Remainz
07 Work (Live)
08 All 4 Tha Cash
09 Ex Girl To Next Girl
10 Lovesick (Remix)
11 Royalty (Live)
12 Discipline
13 Supa Love
14 Jazzmatazz Intro
15 Watch What You Say
16 Respect The Architect
17 Transit Ride
18 Trust Me
19 Loungin
20 Jazz Thing
21 You Know My Steez (Remix)
22 12 & 12
23 The Militia
24 The Militia Ii
25 The Militia Iii
26 I'm The Man
27 Speak Ya Clout (Dj Kut Remix)
28 B.Y.S.
29 Full Clip (Live)
30 Take It Personal (Live)
31 Dwyck (Live)
32 Positivity (Remix)
33 Just To Get A Rep
34 Who's Gonna Take The Weight
35 Dj Premier Speaks

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Live... -R.I.P. Guru (Gang Starr)-
bole420's picture


man this got some classics on here RIP GURU....
ReAl ShIt's picture

Are you for real?

Man, how and when did this happen? One of the few from the east that I actually listened to and that's some bad new. RIP $$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$
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yoink! looks like a good mix

yoink! looks like a good mix
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Rest In Peace to 1 of the most under-rated and lyrical dudes of our time Guru. Bout to d/l this and put a paper plane in the air for him ~I STAY PA CONNECTED~
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he cudda did without all the

he cudda did without all the yellin and shoutouts
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I 2nd that!

I got luv for Guru by DJ Kut is fucking annoying!
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haha i agree he's fuckin

haha i agree he's fuckin annoying! I live in Holland and the dutch word Kut means pussy in english xD