J. Period & Black Thought - Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition)

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J Period & Black Thought Present "The Live Mixtape" illadelph edition @ the 2010 MANIFESTO Festival (OFFICIAL) from themanifesto.ca on Vimeo.

Truelements + Lyrics to Go present the "J.Period Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition)" EP, a first-of-its-kind J.Period mixtape recorded LIVE onstage at Toronto’s premiere hip hop festival, The Manifesto, Sept. 26, 2010. Starring legendary MC Black Thought (The Roots), the "J.Period Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition)” EP features a 30-minute barrage of live J.Period remixes with Black Thought ripping rhymes over new and classic hip hop hits, Roots fan favorites, plus a finale segment where Thought pays tribute to his favorite MCs by impersonating them (a la The Roots’ “Boom”).

01 Live Mixtape Intro
02 The Next Movement (Live)
03 Clones (Live)
04 Right On (Live)
05 Bam Bam Interlude
06 Jamrock (J.Period Live Remix)
07 Hip Hop (J.Period Live Remix)
08 Oh Yeah (J.Period Live Remix)
09 Forever (J.Period Live Remix)
10 D.O.A. (J.Period Live Remix)
11 One More Chance (J.Period Live Remix)
12 Shook Ones Interude
13 Survival (J.Period Live Remix)
14 Simon Says (J.Period Live Remix)
15 Gin & Juice (J.Period Live Remix)
16 Thought @ Work (Live)
17 Rakim_Juice (Tribute Remix)
18 Kane_Raw (Tribute Remix)
19 Slick Rick_Children's Story (Tribute Remix)
20 Guru_Just To Get A Rep (Tribute Remix)
21 Live Mixtape Outtro
22 Bonus_ Go Hard (Live At Bk Hip Hop Fest)

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Black Thought - One of the illest MC's ever.

Instant download.
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tell Nas Hip Hop is

tell Nas Hip Hop is alive.....and it lives in Toronto!!!
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yo this shit was ight i didnt listen to it all but why is it so short the longeset track is 2 mins i get it but when tracks are short you cant have djs rep for half the track....