DJ Lil Bee - And The Best Blend Award Goes To Vol 3


01 - Lil Wayne-Mrs Officer Bw - Luniz-I Got 5 On It 02:35
02 - Mia-Paper Planes Bw - Dream-I Love Your Girl 02:08
03 - Nelly-Body On Me Bw - Brand Nubian-Slow Down 01:53
04 - T-Pain-Cant Believe It Bw - Mobb Deep-Outta 02:51
05 - Slim-So Fly Bw - Fabo-Scotty 03:12
06 - Mariah Carey-I Be Loving You Long Time Bw - 02:28
Lil Jon-Play No Games
07 - Destinys Child-Ms Independent Bw - Soulja 02:22
Boy-She Got A Dunk
08 - Ryan Leslie-Addicted Bw - Cash Money-I Need A 03:22
Hot Girl
09 - Lloyd-You Bw - Freeway-Flip Side 01:59
10 - All Around The World Bw - Heavy D-Somebody For 02:39
11 - Ashanti-Good Good Bw - DFB-Ride Rims 01:19
12 - Keri Hilton-Energy Bw - Lil Jon-Throw It Up 02:53
13 - Ciara & T-Pain-Go Girl Bw - Lil Wayne-Go DJ 03:19
14 - TI-Whatever U Like Bw - Tela-Shonuff 02:45
15 - Joe - ER (Blendspecial) 03:48
16 - Omarion-Ice Box Bw - Unknown Beat 01:19
17 - Destinys Child-Say My Name Bw - Rocco-Imma Do 01:42
18 - Lloyd-The Year Of The Lover Bw - Drama-Left 02:34
19 - Bonus - Track 04:40

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is this shit good or what got that whiteowl a min ago and was like kool for first 2 songs then i couldnt even finifh the rest shitty lol anyway someone post if this shit is tight cause im tired of dl'n bs just stick to the old swishahouse shit i guess

its ok

its ok if u like R n B blends. it depends if u r into those type of blends. 2 me its not bad
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Worth a Download

Man what a lost art. This is what I use to love about Mixtapes. Being able to get a Mixtape with different blends and bumping that. In the age of cats just trying to speed up and slow down songs and artists. Then releasing it out as a blend. It's nice to actually hear a Blend CD that mixes well and makes you believe that it could have actually been the songs beat. Out would give this a 7-8 out of 10. Not every beat is bomb with the song. Definitely though the beat goes and flows with the song. Listening to some songs can't see the song without it's original beat. Worth the d/l....just didn't understand why it was a toilet flushing sound on T.I.'s Whatever you like....What was that Good Mixtape should be happy with the outcome... Go Beyond the Familiar to Flourish

I hear that I miss when djs

I hear that I miss when djs use put in work on a mixtape hot blends some scratches freestyles all that shit. Now a days theres all these untalented djs that just downdload songs and throw em on a cd and call it a mixtape. 90% of these djs now a day dont even know how to blend they dont even know how to turn a turntable on. Green Lantern and Clinton Sparks are the only 2 that put work in and they never come out with new shit anymore. The rap game is a mess. Anyway hope this shit is good im gonna dl it now.